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Social Media Strategy Template

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Publicado el One-page social media strategy template you can use to develop a unique marketing plan for your small business. By focusing on the right social network, you'll avoid the temptation to "be everywhere," and instead be profitable.

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Social Media Strategy Template

  1. 1. Craft your own social media strategy for free at http: / / socialmediaonlineclasses. com SOCIAL > What age bracket? > Gender? > Location? > College degree? STRATEGY > Are they online? > Where do they shop? > Belong to associations? > P bl‘ t‘ th d? > What's your elevator pitch? u lea long ey Pea > Gather best testimonials > What makes you unique? > Craft a compelling story > Establish your brand? > Increase visibility? > Generate traffic to website? > Grow sales 8e revenue? > What do you need to learn? > What tools are necessary? > Who is responsible? > How will you measure? C > What social networks? “EC > How often will you post? > Will you blog? > Will you use visuals/ video?