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Reflexão - CLCLEC

Língua estrangeira - continuação

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Reflexão - CLCLEC

  1. 1. Centro de Formação Profissional da indústria Têxtil, Vestuário, Confecção e Lanifícios CLC-LEI In this UFCD, continuing with the same teacher, I have the opportunity toremember some things about past sentences and verbs. As asked we done a Menu for arestaurant, mine was about a pizzeria called “Travelling Pizza”. I came from an Italianfamily and of course this has a big contribution on my choice. A history was done in the past, talking about a trip that I made. That´s how wassupposed describe many details about it, as were, how, how long, what did I see and if Ienjoined. For last but not less important a Curriculum Vitae and anapplication letter for acandidature of a job. Those I had ready and just send to the teacher take a look and see ifeverything was ok. My cover letter was to the boss of my dreams… Karl Lagerfeld! Ienjoyed composing in the past and used again for the class. I also made a text about my dream trip to the big apple with my husband. It was afunny thing to do because I made some extra complements to him!!! We had a test that we are authorized to consult the book’s, but it was my personalchoice not to use them because since I have some knowledge I wanted to put this on prove!I had an 85%. Always there to solve my doubts, the teacher was very helpful. As I said at the firstreflection, I have learned to talk English by myself. So this way I had some issues toresolve. Marianna Capuano