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London quizz

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Manuel and Iván

4º ESO

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London quizz

  1. 1. LONDON: The City, ST Paul's, Tower & River Trip quizz Manuel Matilla Gil Iván Blázquez Barbero
  2. 2. The City
  3. 3. Mansion House Mansion house is the official residence of whom? a) of the King of Spain. b) of Lord Mayor of London. c) of the Queen of ENGLAND.
  4. 4. Mansion House What is it used for? a) for official functions B) for eat lord mayor c) for sleeping lord mayor
  5. 5. The Monument To what event is The Monument dedicated? a) of the eso via dalmacia b) of the great fires of london c) of the miguel
  6. 6. The Monument Who designed the monument? a) dionisio canales b)nuria diaz c) christopher wren and robert hooke
  7. 7. St Mary – Le – Bow St Mary-Bow is an historic church? a) no b)yes c)can
  8. 8. St Mary – Le - Bow Tradition says? a) nothing b)water is wet c)a true cockney must be born within earshort of the sound of bow bells
  9. 9. The Royal Exchange What century was founded the royal exchange? a) never b) yesterday c) in the 16th century
  10. 10. The Royal Exchange Who provided the place? a)obama b)rita la cantaora c)the city of london
  11. 11. St Paul's cathedral St Paul's Cathedral is a church in london and? a) a disco b)a restaurant c) a cathedral
  12. 12. St Paul's catedral What year was founded and by whom? a) in 1458 by St. paul b) in 2014 by St. paul c) in AD604 by St. paul
  13. 13. The Tower of London On the bank of that river is located? a) tajo b) alagon c) thames
  14. 14. The Tower of London Where is situated? a) It lies within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, b) tajo c) plasencia
  15. 15. London Bridge where the bridges were estendido? a)the River Thames b)guadiana c)amazona
  16. 16. London Bridge when the crossing was opened to traffic ? a) 1678 b) 2014 c) 1973
  17. 17. Tower to Parliament The parliament of England was the legislature? a) Pedroso b) kingdom of England c) London
  18. 18. Tower to Parliament that year william of normandy introdInuced a feudal system? a) in 1066 b) in 4066 c) in 2066
  19. 19. River Thames What is the longest river of all england? a) the river thames b) the canal miss c) the dog
  20. 20. River Thames Among cities that flows the river thames? a) coria b) caceres c) oxford and london
  21. 21. Good Bye