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Gamification Sales Training Examples

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Gamified sales training has been used by many companies. This slide deck compiles a number of examples from different companies. Through many example screenshots a great overview of how engaging training for sales reps (and other employees) can be made.

These and many more examples can be found in the book "Gamification in Sales & Support" by Mario Herger, available on Amazon.

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Gamification Sales Training Examples

  1. 1. ENTERPRISE GAMIFICATION Sales Training Examples @mherger
  2. 2. The following sales gamification examples and many more are discussed in the book Gamification in Sales & Support by Mario Herger Enterprise Gamification Volume 6 102 pages Published November 2014 ISBN: 1502856026 ISBN-13: 978-1502856029 Available on Amazon
  3. 3. BranchTrack
  4. 4. Renault Academy
  5. 5. Avaya
  6. 6. Fantasy Salesteam
  7. 7. Fantasy Salesteam
  8. 8. True Office
  9. 9. Formaposte
  10. 10. Gamification – CompetiYeti
  11. 11. CompetiYeti
  12. 12. CompetiYeti
  13. 13. CompetiYeti
  14. 14. Mobile Connect Guru
  15. 15. ePunkt Lego House Sales Contest
  16. 16. Duolingo
  17. 17. All books available on Amazon!
  18. 18. Keep Gamifying! Enterprise Gamification Enterprise Gamification Wiki Gamification Decision Engine Octalysis @mherger