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4 Types of YouTube Ads That Quickly Boost Revenue

YouTube ads are THE most powerful type of advertising.

The combination of video marketing with Google’s search engine gives you incredible leverage when attracting more traffic, leads, and sales online.

This presentation guides you through the following 4 types of YouTube ads that quickly boost revenue and when to use them:

#1 Skippable Video Ads

#2 Non-Skippable Video Ads

#3 Display Ads

#4 Overlay Ads

Is increasing leads and multiplying revenue your BIGGEST business goal?

If yes, keep reading…

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4 Types of YouTube Ads That Quickly Boost Revenue

  1. 1. YouTube  ads  are  THE  most   powerful  type  of  advertising.
  2. 2. The  combination  of  video  marketing   with  Google’s  search  engine  gives  you   incredible  leverage  when  attracting   more  traffic,  leads,  and  sales  online.
  3. 3. Video  is  the  best  way  to  capture  a   person’s  attention  and  influence   their  decision  making.
  4. 4. As  a  marketer,  video  gives  you  the   ability  to  build  personal   connections  with  your  prospects   and  develop  a  relationship  online…
  5. 5. Businesses  using  YouTube   video  marketing  see  a  20%   increase  in  website  traffic   (conservatively).
  6. 6. So,  if  increasing  leads  and   multiplying  revenue  are  your   BIGGEST  business  goals…
  7. 7. Keep  reading…
  9. 9. Simply  log  in  to  your   AdWords  account,  navigate   to  Campaigns,  and  click  on   the  “add  new  campaign”   button  then  select  “online   video.”
  10. 10. But…you’ll  need  to  give  it  more   work  to  make  your  campaigns   perform  well  against  your   competition.
  11. 11. Optimizing  your  video  ads   is  key…
  12. 12. Your  Call-­‐To-­‐Actions’  should  be  so   awesome  that  people  want  to  click.
 (Ex.  If  you’re  promoting  a  fitness   video,  consider  taking  your  shirt   off.)  It’s  all  about  the  visual!
  13. 13. Refer  to  your  BUYER  PERSONA  to   see  what  targeting  options  work   best  for  your  niche,  products  or   services.
  14. 14. Different  images  work  differently  for   each  industry.  Invest  the  time  to  find   out  what  visual  cues  work  well  and   then  use  them  effectively  to  attract   viewers  to  your  video  ads.
  16. 16. #1  SKIPPABLE  VIDEO  ADS
  17. 17. These  ad  are  also  referred  to  as   TrueView  In-­‐Stream  Ads
  18. 18. And  they’re  designed  to  attract  the   attention  of  your  prospects  in  the   first  five  seconds  of  watching  the  ad.
  19. 19. Users  are  given  a  ‘Skip  Ad’  button  to   proceed  watching  their  initially   selected  video.
 And  these  are  a  great  way  to  increase   visibility  on  a  Cost  Per  View  basis.
  20. 20. These  ads  are  a  great  way  to  get   free  visibility  because  YouTube   only  charges  you  after  the  ad  is   watched  for  at  least  30  seconds…
  21. 21. Skippable  YouTube  ad  type  allows   you  to  do  something  truly  awesome   –  interrupt  your  viewer’s  attention   and  force  him  or  her  to  focus  on   your  pitch…
  22. 22. Skippable  Ads  often  contain  links   that  take  a  viewer  to  a  landing  page   –  e.g.  early  bird  pricing  offer  page.
  23. 23. To  keep  viewers  from  skipping,   create  a  killer  script  that  can  grab   the  viewer  by  the  collar  within  the   first  5  seconds.  Make  it  REALLY   GOOD.  Short  is  better.
  24. 24. At  7  Figure  Automation,  we  like  it   between  30  –  60  seconds.
  25. 25. In-­‐Stream  types  of  YouTube  ads  are   best  for  people  who:   -­‐>  Viewed  similar  content  on  YouTube
 -­‐>  Are  searching  for  specific  keywords
 -­‐>  Have  visited  competitor  websites
 -­‐>  Are  watching  similar  channels.
  26. 26. #2  NON-­‐SKIPPABLE  VIDEO  ADS
  27. 27. These  are  also  In-­‐Stream  Video   Ads,  but  are  not  skippable.
  28. 28. They’re  also  referred  to  as  Non-­‐ Skippable  In-­‐Stream  Ads  and
 usually  last  15  seconds  or  longer
  29. 29. But  remember…
  30. 30. The  shorter  the  better.
  31. 31. Engagement  is  Paramount!
  32. 32. Non-­‐Skippable  YouTube   Ads  can  show  any  time;   before,  during  or  after  a   video.
  33. 33. Viewers  are  not  allowed  to   watch  the  originally  selected   video  until  they  have  viewed   the  entire  advertisement.
  34. 34. If  you  have  a  great  offer  to   showcase,  try  Non-­‐Skippable   Video  Ads…
  35. 35. #3  DISPLAY  ADS
  36. 36. These  types  of  ads  appear  to  the   right  of  the  feature  video  and  at  the   top  right  of  the  YouTube  Search   Engine  Results  Page.
  37. 37. They  may  appear  below  the  player   (for  larger  players)  and  are
 meant  to  capture  the  user’s   attention  while  they’re  watching   other  videos.
  38. 38. YouTube  used  to  highlight  these  ad   types  with  a  yellow  border…but   they’re  now  blended  with  other   organic  listings.  So  users  really  can’t   tell  the  difference!
  39. 39. Don’t  use  Display  Ads  to  direct   viewers  to  your  landing  page.   RATHER,  use  them  to  drive  them  to   more  of  your  content  and  increase   subscribers.
  40. 40. If  you  want  to  use  Display  Ads  to   take  users  to  your  website,  build   calls  to  action  into  your  video   content  –  video  description  links   and  clickable  YouTube  annotations.
  41. 41. #4  OVERLAY  ADS
  42. 42. These  ads  are  semi-­‐transparent   display  ads  that  appear  on  the  lower   20%  portion  of  your  video.
  43. 43. They’re  also  known  as  YouTube  In-­‐ Video  Overlay  Ads.
  44. 44. Link  your  Call-­‐To-­‐Action  Overlay  Ad   to  your  landing  page  for  the  highest   chance  of  lead  conversion.
  45. 45. The  best  thing  about  overlay  ads  -­‐   you  can  advertise  your  company’s   products  inside  the  video  of  your   competitor’s  video  (i.e.  let  them  do   the  work  for  you).
  46. 46. To  hook  your  viewers  and   preserve  the  ‘scent’  of  the  ad,   keep  your  landing  page   congruent  (with  your  ad).
  47. 47. YouTube  Overlay  Ads  are  great  if   you’re  looking  to  get  more  views   without  causing  interruptions.
  48. 48. Whatever  types  of  YouTube  ads  you   choose  to  use,  Keep  in  mind  that   simplicity  and  specificity  are  critical.
  49. 49. Was  This  Useful?
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