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Finance | Bank Accounts Users Yahoo! Behavioural Targeting

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Finance | Bank Accounts Users searched keywords such as: Bank Account Savings Account Best Bank Account Providers 100.000 people looking for Bank Accounts. Banking Section in Yahoo! Finance Compare Banks function in Yahoo! Finance Banking Survey in Yahoo! Groups Includes users anywhere on the Yahoo! Network who actively seek Bank Accounts. Interest is targeted through searches and clicks, relevant pages viewed and/or advertising clicked during the time horizon defined uniquely for this product category. +86% CTR Lift Results from a recent client campaign on Yahoo! UK & Ireland Users visited pages such as: Yahoo! Behavioral Targeting Source: Campaign Click thru Rate lift is determined by Yahoo! Internal research. Audience size represents the audience within this behavioral interest category that has the highest propensity to engage with a brand or product and to click on an offer. Date: Jan 2007

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