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In this Digital age, your privacy is continuously invaded

In this post we will look at how privacy today is being invaded by large corporations and people in power. We will take a look at the lack of awareness internet users have about their digital privacy and the extent to which it is being used by governments and agencies to monitor individual behaviour. We will discuss how companies like Uber, Airbnb and Facebook might be using your information for profit and how this might also be causing you emotional harm! We also share some basic tips to protect your information from being exposed. Go for the full story to my blog

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In this Digital age, your privacy is continuously invaded

  1. 1. In this digital age, your privacy is continuously invaded
  2. 2. Photo:  Denys  Prykhodov Spotify, the popular music application, revamped its privacy policy which contained shocking revelations regarding its use of personal user data. Spotify’s new policy declares that the company can access the photos, contacts and other personal data of its users.
  3. 3. What is the meaning of privacy in the modern connected age?
  4. 4. Frankly speaking, when it comes to our personal lives, our digital footprints are like open books. Read the full story on  my  blog
  5. 5. What was interesting is that only 44% considered the following fact false:‘Privacy policy means companies keep user information confidential’. PEW Research Centre: Privacy & Cybersecurity Survey 2014 Read the full story on  my  blog
  6. 6. 56% of people believe that their information is safe. Talk about lack of awareness!Read the full story on  my  blog
  7. 7. Photo:  Prathan  Chorruangsak What is Uber really doing with your data? Read the full story on  my  blog
  8. 8. There have been instances which suggest misuse of consumer data like in a recent Buzzfeed blog post, where venture capitalist Peter Sims pointed out that Uber revealed his private location on a screen at a launch party.That would freak anyone out. Photo:  MAHATHIR  MOHD  YASIN Read the full story on  my  blog
  9. 9. Photo:  tunuha2001 There is speculation that Airbnb may be using big data and related analytics to nudge owners to list their accommodation at prices which Airbnb deems profitable. It has introduced a tool called ‘Price Tips’ which provides users with guidance on their accommodation rates, resulting in higher occupancy. A little coerced, don’t you think? Read the full story on  my  blog
  10. 10. Facebook is monitoring your profile and tracks your information Photo:  Denys  Prykhodov Read the full story on  my  blog
  11. 11. In 2011, two researchers found something unusual in a file on Apple’s iPhone. It contained the data of locations visited by users over the last 12 months. They reported it and a controversy ensued where fears arose that Apple was tracking its users. It led to investigations by various governments from Europe and raised demands for explanations by the US lawmakers. Read the full story on  my  blog
  12. 12. Privacy may be non- existent in the future. Could that be good in any way? Read the full story on  my  blog
  13. 13. Liked it? Read the full story on my blog Don’t forget to share!