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Paul Kenny (Founder, OceanLearning) - Developing Sales Talent

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This video for this talk from Business of Software Conference Europe 2019 will be published here soon:

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Paul Kenny (Founder, OceanLearning) - Developing Sales Talent

  1. 1. DevelopingSalesTalent Paul Kenny
  2. 2. Help me out here 3-5 Sales Capability Challenges
  3. 3. 2
  4. 4. AQuick Overview 1. Develop you appreciation of the challenges of maintaining and growing your SalesTeam. 2. Provide you with a minimum viable sales development process for building your team 3. Give you some tactical coaching and training tricks that you can apply right away to help get the best from your sales talent.
  5. 5. Some everyday truths
  6. 6. Sales is not one thing serve nudge educate position persuade consult contract rescue
  7. 7. You have to know what type of selling you want to be good at.
  8. 8. Sales-ability Sales PersonWanted Must be………………………
  9. 9. Sales-ability Hungry Competitive Caring Empathetic Listener Customer Focused Persuasive Enthusiastic Self Confident Knowledgeable Determined Networking Resilience Multi tasking Honest Adaptable Passionate Communicator EngagingCommunicator Thorough Ambitious Strategic Creative Patient Opportunistic Credible Honest Trustworthy Loyal Problem Solver Motivated Responsive Goal Oriented Collaborative Self Aware Eloquent Intelligent Tech’ Savvy HardWorking Dependable
  10. 10. You have to find the right words to describe sales capability
  11. 11. Selling is a human process
  12. 12. Success driven by……….. HUMAN PROCESS Idiosyncratic Ego driven Prone to moods Emotional Variable Clear Steps Best practice Manageable Cyclical
  13. 13. Knowledge (Working) Mindset (Beliefs) Skills (Applied) Product Customer Competitor Process Customer Goals Belief in Self Belief in Business Belief in Product Opportunity Engagement Discovery Demonstration Deal Making Resistance
  14. 14. Selling can be seriously Ego- depleting Willpower operates like a muscle that can be exerted. Studies have found that tasks requiring self-control can weaken this muscle, leading to ego depletion and a subsequently diminished ability to exercise self-control.
  15. 15. Experience is not the same as capability “Some people have ten years of experience to offer, others have 1 year of experience ten times over”
  16. 16. Sales People operate at different capability levels Apprentice Journeyman Master
  17. 17. FullStack Product & Service Sales Account Sales Strategic Sales
  18. 18. Predictable Revenue Outbound Inbound Account Executives Account Managers Qualifiers FarmersClosers Lead Identification Smarketing
  19. 19. Think Development Level s Apprentice Journeyman Master
  20. 20. 4 Levels of Sales Development Mastery Delivering Scaling Building Salespeople are so skilled, their competence so assured, that they are considered to be the best role-models/mentors/coaches for new salespeople. Salespeople are working independently, delivering their targets and performance plans. Their skills should be ‘hardwired’ and they should be capable of managing a sale from first contact through to close. This is the process of populating the pipeline and engaging with customers. Salespeople should become capable of creating and executing a sales plan. The aim is to ensure that sales staff have the appropriate levels of product knowledge, core sales capability and an understanding of how the business approaches its marketplace.
  21. 21. Create solid core foundations.
  22. 22. What do I need to be able to do to meet your expectations?
  23. 23. Questions sales people need answers to 1 How we win customers……… Who are our customers and what is their journey? 2 The Elevator Pitch How do we position our product in the marketplace? 3 Preparing and delivering contact campaigns How do we generate prospects and analyse your leads? 4 How to secure a Discovery call How to convert “suspects’ into “prospects”? How to sell our sales process? How do we qualify and close meetings and demos? 5 How to conduct your Discovery Call How do we make the most of the Discovery process? 6 How to Demo your solutions What does a good demo look and sound like? 7 How to build your internal network Who do I need on my team to deliver deals? 8 The Psychology of Persuasion What are our best customer stories? How do I deliver our key messages? 9 How to handle objections How do I respond to resistance and delay? 10 How to close How do I create urgency to buy and gain commitment? 11 Building Value How do I follow up on a sale and identify new opportunities? How do I build strong relationships?
  24. 24. Timeline Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 + Capability Level Building Scaling Delivering Development Requirements • Product Knowledge • Company Knowledge • Market and Competition Knowledge • Sales Process knowledge • Preparing and developing contact campaigns • Initiating contact with Inbound Enquiries • Initiating contact with Outbound “suspects” • Qualifying leads • Conducting DiscoveryCalls • Selling the next step • Gaining commitment to move to Demo and AE handover • Handling Objections • Pipeline Management • Optimising active sales time • Refining new contact campaigns • Improving conversion rates (from contacts to prospects) Measures Learning & Capability Call quality, conversion rates. Performance against target Training Required • ProductOrientation • Business Overview • Marketplace Orientation • Overview How we sell xxxxxx • Elevator Pitch • Core sales skills • Core Sales skills (cont’d) • Objection handling • How to hand over deals toAE • Regular Performance Coaching SDR Development Pathway
  25. 25. Timeline Month 1 Month 2-4 Month 4-6 + Capability Level Building Scaling Delivering Development Requirements • Product Knowledge • Company Knowledge • Market and Competition Knowledge • Market Sector/Vertical knowledge • Sales Process knowledge • Preparing and developing contact campaign • Identifying and optimising the right events • Identifying and initiating contact with decision makers and decision influencers (outbound and inbound from SDR) • Conducting DiscoveryCalls • Building an internal network of resources and relationships across all global offices • Presentations with C-level stakeholder • Demonstration Skills • Conduct stakeholder demonstrations (Using TAMs Presales & Deals Desk) • Pipeline Management & Forecasting skills • Negotiating and closing deals with all key stakeholders • Identifying new opportunities with in the account • PreparingAccounts for handover to CSM/AM teams Measures Learning & Capability Pipeline Progress Performance against target Training Required • ProductOrientation • Business Overview • Marketplace Orientation • Overview How we sell xxxx • Elevator Pitch • Core sales skills • Core Sales skills (cont’d) • Objection handling • Negotiation Skills • Network Management Skills (internal and external relationship management) Regular Performance Coaching Sales Story Updates Account Executive Development Pathway
  26. 26. Build a culture of coaching. What did you achieve this week /month Data What did you do to produce this result & what did you learn? What will you do next week/month Insight Action
  27. 27. Challenge Quiz Brainstorm Real-play Casework Debate Review Coach Cheaper Competitor High Perceived risk /inconvenience We sound “flat”, just like every other player in the market
  28. 28. Strong Core /Training Platform Regular Sales Coaching FrequentTactical & Creative Responses
  29. 29. Love your SalesTeam. @paulkennyol