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UPakWeShip self load shipping containers

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This presentation shows you how our door to door shipping container works. It covers everything from documentation, what to expect, costs, how to pack and load, customs clearance, applications and more. If you are moving overseas and want to take your furniture, then shipping a UPakWeShip self load container is a great way to go.

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UPakWeShip self load shipping containers

  1. 1. UPakWeShip Self Load Shipping Containers
  2. 2. How Does ItWork? • We bring you a container on a trailer and you load all your boxes and furniture into it. We then truck it to the port and load it onto a vessel Upon arrival at the destination port, we will clear it through customs and in most countries, truck the container to your new residence overseas for you to unload. • Whatever you load and fit in the container, ships door to door for an all inclusive lump sum price.
  3. 3. What is included? • In most cases everything, its curb to curb all inclusive. • This way you know in advance exactly how much it is going to cost which we think is very important when you are working out your relocation budget. • All known charges are included.The only extras would be if there was a random customs inspection somewhere on route that resulted in an extra charge or in Australia and New Zealand there is a quarantine inspection fee which has to be paid locally down there before delivery as we do not know exactly how much this will be up front. Insurance is also an optional extra. • Most countries in the world allow your personal belongings in duty and tax free if you have lived overseas for the past 12 months and you are declaring that you are now moving there and all your items are more than 12 months old.
  4. 4. How much does this cost? Not a lot is the simple answer! • Depending where you are moving from and to, we might have the rates and options on our web site for you to see. If not please complete our quick quote form here and we will get our local office to contact you with some pricing.
  5. 5. The Details, 1 • One you have your price and want to proceed, please complete our on line booking form on our web site. One you hit submit you will automatically be sent your unique booking / reference number that will be used for your shipments journey. Our online system will produce a contract to sign as well as instructions on doing a packing list, how to create labels for your items and how to pay your deposit.
  6. 6. The Details, 2 • We can normally book the container on the date and time you require (Mon-Fri) but if not we will talk to you about a close alternative that is suitable for everyone. • We require at least two weeks notice for bookings unless you have a car or motorcycle to load, in which case we do require three weeks notice. • On the loading day, make sure you have everything packed and ready to be loaded as you have two hours free to load. After that is $95 per hour while the driver waits.
  7. 7. The Details, 3 • Load the container tight and level so that nothing can move if the ship is rolling in a rough sea or the truck driver brakes hard. • Once you have finished loading and the container is locked, we will truck it to the nearest port or container terminal for shipping. • Documentation is sent to the shipping line and customs and the container is loaded onto the vessel.
  8. 8. The Details, 4 At the destination port, the container is offloaded from the ship and documentation is given to customs for entry. Once cleared through customs we will contact you and arrange delivery.The container will be brought to your residence for you to unload. Please note in some countries like Australia and New Zealand, the containers have to be unloaded into a warehouse for quarantine inspection. Once this is completed and paid for locally, the shipment will normally be loaded onto a moving truck and delivered into your ground floor residence for no extra charge.
  9. 9. Successful Container Shipping Some helpful tips • Pack boxes full and tight so they hold their shape. • Use the same size of boxes so they stack nicely together. • There are tie hooks every few feet along the top and bottom of the sides (see pictures) • Load in tiers from bottom to top and side to side. Heavy items on the bottom. • Ideally have 2 people inside the container and 4 people bringing everything to the back of the container. • Load everything level and tight so nothing can move. Its an adult game ofTetris!
  10. 10. Insurance • Insurance is an optional extra but doesn’t cost a lot for peace of mind. • Our bronze option covers total loss only meaning if the ship sank for example and everything was lost then it will pay out. • Our silver option also covers total loss plus additional coverage against damage or partial loss if caused by an outside force like a fork lift blade damaging your items or some water damage or partial theft. • Insurance is worked out as a % of the value you declare your items to be worth. • So for example if you insured all your items for $5000 the bronze total loss premium is 1.5% of that = $75 If you took the silver coverage the premium is 2% so $100 • Both policies have a $250 deductible. • For more information look at our insurance page on the web site under services.
  11. 11. We have an App for that! All the below can be done from your phone, I Pad ,Tablet or PC. • Pricing • Create Packing List • Create Labels • Read and sign your Contract • View and pay your Invoice • Download and complete Customs docs • Create Insurance application form • Pay by Credit card safe and secure. • We really do try to make this easy! • Tracking
  12. 12. I hope this helps and that the self load container service makes a good option for your relocation. Any questions let us know. Email