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100 and more ideas for lack of sleep dmms team - Crashcreativity course

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Team submission for a crash course on creativity with Tina Seeling, Stanford University. December 2012

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100 and more ideas for lack of sleep dmms team - Crashcreativity course

  1. 1. Sleepless in excitement More than 100 ideas for the sleepchallenge of laying awake in anticipation
  2. 2. This exercise was submitted as a TEAM assignment (Dic 2012) Denny Marta Mick Shin California , US Madrid, Spain California, US JapanA crash course on creativity with Prof Tina SeeligStanford University free online course
  3. 3. Our special sleepless problemDenny: "I m excited about sellingour old house tomorrow" Marta: "I m terribly excited about the joy of tomorrow trip for my vacation"
  4. 4. Our special sleepless problem Mick: "I m excited about tomorrow since I ll start this fabulous new job"Shin: "I m terribly excited thinkingabout the family gathering oftomorrow"
  5. 5. Our challenge:It´s notproblems, worries ordifficulties that keepus lying awakethinking about themin the middle of thenight.Our big CHALLENGE is get our sleep insituations of ANTICIPATED joy
  6. 6. We went on brainstorming...Avoiding any of theseOBVIOUS ideas1. Take a sleeping pill2. Have a glass of milk3. Watch TV4. Have a warm bath5. … or count sheep
  7. 7. TheenvironmentSpaces and things that will relax your five senses…
  8. 8. 1. Move to the guestroom2. Move to the bathroom3. Move to the living room4. Move outside to a good hotel5. Move outside to a tent in a camp6. See everybody sleeping7. Set a comfortable temperature in the room8. Set air conditioning and humidity to feel comfortable in the room9. Bush your teeth and use Listerine10. Get a comfortable and touchy pyjama11. Get a hearty electric blanket12. Sleep in a soft sleeping bag13. Sleep in a hammock14. Sleep with soft and clean blankets (e.g. soft cotton)15. Sleep in a good spring bed16. Sleep with a comfortable pillow17. Wrap yourself by the smell of candles18. Wrap yourself by the smell of incense19. Wrap yourself by the smell of aromatherapy20. Wrap yourself by the smell of lavender
  9. 9. 21. Wrap yourself by the smell of fresh linen22. Take a warm bath with essential oil23. Take a warm bath for a long time24. Darken the room and cover all digital lights25. Sleep with eye covers26. Use orange light in your bedroom27. Use a calm colour in your bedroom wall and curtains28. Take away the clock from your nightstand29. Have someone sing your mom´s lullaby30. Play a music box31. Listen to the farthest sound you can hear32. Play a record with nature sounds (river, rain, singing of insects, waves, soft wind)33. Play a record of classical music
  10. 10. Mind gamesPlaying with your mind…
  11. 11. 34. Imagine yourself on a beach35. Breath deeply & regularly, watch your body rise and fall36. Breath deeply and focus on air entering and leaving nostrils37. Do TM meditations38. Do Dharma meditations39. Count your breaths40. Count numbers41. Count stars42. Repeat the alphabet backwards43. Count backwards from 100044. Think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet45. Pray46. Be spiritually enlightened47. Charm48. Focus on one point49. Dream good things50. Use the awake time creatively
  12. 12. Your bodyThings that will get youtone down your mind in the middle of night…
  13. 13. 51. Run around the block52. Exercise53. Do yoga54. Doing pull ups with the bed55. Doing pull ups with a chair56. Get up for 30 min57. Wiggle toes 12 times58. Walk outside for 15 min59. Walk around the house for 10 min60. Walk the dog around the block61. Do stretch exercise62. Have sex alone63. Have sex with your partner64. Have sex with your partners65. Yawn 3 times66. Sleep with a stuffed toy67. Sleep together with other members of your family68. Sleep with you pet69. Go and get a body massage70. Go and get a foot massage
  14. 14. 71. Go and get a head massage72. Go and get a hand massage73. Have someone scratch your head74. Relax and enjoy being awake
  15. 15. FoodUnwind from anticipation with food..
  16. 16. 75. Drink camomile tea76. Eat turkey77. Eat a bowl of cereals78. Eat miso soup79. Eat a banana80. Eat hard egg81. Eat edamame82. Eat cherries83. Eat oatmeal84. Eat almonds85. Drink wine86. Drink whisky87. Drink vocka88. Drink sake89. Drink tequila90. Drink rum or brandy in warm milk
  17. 17. ChoresUnwind from anticipationdoing chores in any place of the house...
  18. 18. 91. Clean up the files in your computer92. Check unpaid bills93. Do the laundry (mind the noise)94. Cook tomorrow´s lunch95. Clean boardroom windows96. Clean up your desk97. Polish the floor as your grandma did98. Review grandma´s recipes99. Clean up the mess in the kitchen100. Review your children´s homework101. Look for something to entertain your dog in the morning102. Watch your dog asleep103. Watch the night through the window104. Try get to page 50 of that boring book105. Recall the most boring day in your life106. Recall the most boring person you´ve ever met107. Watch several episodes of Lost108. Do crosswords109. Write a diary110. Draw a rework for the kitchen of your dreams
  19. 19. 111. Sort out the pillows in the bedroom by colors112. Sort out the pillows in the bedroom by sizes113. Sort out the pillows in the bedroom by type of fabric114. Tag mentally the year you purchased every object in the bedroom115. Sing a song
  20. 20. People & places Unwind thinking of thepeople or places of what you plan on doing nextday in a different way…
  21. 21. 116. Recall the first time you´ve met those people117. Recall what you first thought of them118. Recall what who of them you liked the most119. Think who of them has disappointed you the most120. Think who of them has become your best friend121. Bake cookies with the initials of your people you´ll see tomorrow on it122. Choose a scent for the place you´ll be visiting123. Make a list of activities you´d ever do with that people124. Make a list of activities you´d ever do in that place125. Try to guess the favourite color of each person126. Pick up old pics from your albums127. Review last pics from that place or people in your PC128. Choose the songs that best represent that place or people129. Allow yourself some fun mimicking the gestures of that person130. Pair people in pairs according mentally or making notes about them131. Rank that place among other places132. Rank that people among other people you know133. Think which person you´d take to an isolated island134. Think which person you could lend money from135. Describe what you like the most of that place
  22. 22. Hello?? Anybody there??I m still counting…
  23. 23. CreditsPhotos:“Entusiasmo”: rocking out in bus,“Trashumancia en Madrid”:“2 ovejas”:“Durmiendo”: