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Crisis management

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Crisis management

  1. 1. Crisis Management Simulation Workshop Advertising and Public Relations Lab Dept. of Communication, Media and Culture, Panteion University (@cmc_panteion) Students names: Ioanna Katsifaraki Katerina Plati Stafylaki
  2. 2. Ministry of Finance• Minister of Finance: Ms. Stafylaki Martha• Alternate Minister of Finance: Ms. Kourousia Maria• Alternate Minister of Finance: Ms. Dokimaki Maria• Gen. Secr. Of Ministry of Finance: Ms. Katsifaraki Ioanna• Spokesperson: Ms. Plati Katerina
  3. 3. 5th of June 2012• Mr. Paul Binder, head of the International Monetary and Financial Committee is feeling sick.• We contacted the Hotel Manager for details about the incident.• After a telephone conversation with a journalist from Real fm we stated that “We await the official results of the medical examinations. T he cause of the disease is not confirmed yet. We are unable either to deny the fact, nor to confirm. We will keep you updated and will notify you once we have the official results.”
  4. 4. 6th of June 2012• A second member of the Committee fall ill.• We contacted the Manager of the Food Catering, who informed us that the quality of the food was excellent. We asked for the official credentials and papers (ISO) and the names of those responsible. We informed the Company that a committee will visit the facilities in order to conduct an audit.• Quotes from our Press Release : “… we have asked for the official credentials and papers (ISO) , concerning the manufacture and distribution of food.. The documents will be delivered and will be available in 24 hours.” «…The Committee is going to inspect and conduct an audit, in order to investigate the companys facilities.…»
  5. 5. 6th of June 2012• Responses to journalist(Real Fm) questions : «The caterer have met a range of criteria designed to ensure that will meet the needs of the Hotel. They offered a good range of service options, attractive menu choices and good value for money.»• Response to journalist(SKAI) question about the tender : «The caterer was fully compliant with the Greek legislation. The criteria were too stringent and were based on the European model of tendering. It is the first time that we co-operate with the Specific caterer, and they fully understood and complied with the food standards . If you wish, we can provide and handle all the papers and certificates(ISO), that prove all the above statements »
  6. 6. 6th of June 2012• Sending a sympathy letter to the Head of the Committee :Mr. Paul Binder, “We are fully aware about your current state of health. We would like to inform you that, all the necessary procedures have started. Furthermore, a Committee is going to investigate the Caterers facilities and conduct an audit. We wish all the best with your recovery, may this be a restful time to recharge and energize.”All the best,Ministry of Finance.
  7. 7. 7th of June 2012• The requested credentials and papers of the “Food Catering” were received.
  8. 8. 7 th of June 2012• Response to Journalist’s (Real fm) question “we have no intention of hiding the aspects of the situation, but we are awaiting the proper results of our research. These results will be published on Friday the 8th of June. We assure you, our only intention is to publish the true elements in order to solve this inexplicable incident, that took place the last three days.”
  9. 9. 8th of June 2012• Negative results concerning the food poisoning• The members of IMF fully recovered.• PRESS RELEASE : “ The medical examination showed that there was not a pathogen organism. Furthermore , both members of the IMF have fully recovered.” “We have to underline that we are in constant communication and dialogue with the Greek Authorities, such as the Greek Police and the Anti- Terror Force. We contradict any possible reputation on terrorism, as there is no indication from the Authorities on this case.”
  10. 10. 8th of June 2012
  11. 11. 8th of June 2012Press statement: Minister of Finance (speaking in Greek media)
  12. 12. 8th of June 2012• Response to journalist question (Real Fm) “Regarding the safety procedures, the Members of IMF have their own security personnel.In case there was a change concerning the food caterer you should be directed to the Hotel Manager or the Food Caterer. The Ministry of Finance has no jurisdiction to deal with such activities. We would like to state that we are in constant communication with the Authorities and we are doing our best to provide a safe stay to the Members of IMF. There is no one to blame for the incident. It would be fitting for such sophisticated questions to direct them to the relevant departments and authorities.”
  13. 13. 8th of June 2012• Response to journalist questions (Skai) «The Members of IMF have their own private security personnel, but also there is provided extra help and specialized personnel from the Police for their Security. The Police is alert, each time the members of IMF arrive in Greece. We are not in the position of giving information about the possible terrorist attack, because is not our main jurisdiction.There was no call for a terrorist attack. We were informed from the Police that the CCTTV was checked and there was nothing suspicious and strange worth to be reported”
  14. 14. Crisis ManagementInstructor, Mania Xenou, CEO Reliant Communications Workshop co-ordinator, Konstantinos Ioannidis, PhD (@kon_ioannidis) Head of Advertising and PR Lab, Assistant Professor, Betty Tsakarestou (@tsakarestou)