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Game Concept
Game Concept
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Game Idea

  1. 1. Game Idea Design of Computer Games Martin Sillaots Aug 5 2019 #3
  2. 2. Game Idea Why people should play (buy)?
  3. 3. A: Jump, B: Shoot What more could you need Very
  4. 4. Sources for Ideas • Dream • Other media • Other games • Combine ideas • Generate ideas - idea generation machine
  5. 5. Sources for Ideas • Innovative design • Redefine genre • Portfolio on new platform • Try to be the very best in your genre • Refine the tried and true • Nostalgia but new • Tried and true on new platform • Clear understanding of target audience • Building up your user base • Original attitude
  6. 6. Game Idea Description • 2-3 sentences – 1 paragraph • Goal of the game • What player can do (main activity)? • Why this game is special?
  7. 7. Mission # 3 Game Idea
  8. 8. Game Idea Mission Details • Provide idea for new game • ALL players have a chance to present the idea • ALL players pitch the idea 3 min • Best ideas will be voted and teams formed • 2 XP for presentation + 2 XP to the winner

Notas del editor

  • Idea -> Outcome
    See connection
    Ask from end users?
  • Dream – fulfill your dream, Be a God
    Other media – books, Movies, TV
    Other games – what to to better
    Designers want to design new
    Publishers want to sell … copy
    Combine ideas – Yellow pages – Math man – serious games
    Generate ideas – brainstorming, …
  • Ten Finnish Game Industry Success stories - Jussi
    1) Innovative design
    - e.g. crayon physics ( + marketing also blog to describe the developments)
    - e.g. Minecraft (sweden) + edv

    2) Redefine genre - new game. (why your game is better then others? How is it different?)
    - e.g. Remedy: Max Payne - shooter game with story, slow motion bullet hitting (bullet time) - cinematic stile of game,
    - e.g. Alan Wake
    - listen feedback but don't believe it. e.g. game is to easy (it does not feel powerful enough)

    3) Portfolio on new platform
    - e.g. Sumea (focused on color mobile phones on 2000)
    - focus on new platforms before they get popular.
    - where nobody else is making games e.g. smart TV, Google Classes, Oculus rift, Smart watch
    - they presented them bigger then they were (they got attention from clients) ???

    4) Try to be the very best in your genre
    - e.g. Bugbear - only racing games (to me - focus on business simulations)

    5) Refine the tried and true
    - e.g. Rovio - Angry Birds (they made 51 games before success)
    - they changed company strategy and focused on successful game (did not started new game).

    6) Nostalgia but new
    - good for advertising, snow ball effect
    e.g. Mountain Sheep - dungeon master (1987), Legend of Grimrock
    e.g. Kukouri - Cannon Fodder (90), Tiny Troopers
    e.g. Almost Human - Hat trick (80), Ice Rage

    7) Tried and true on new platform
    - Supercell (7 million for start)
    - FarmVille on tablet - Hay day
    - Mafia war online game (2000) for tablets – Clash of Clans
    - Gun Shine (core game to Facebook - bad)
    - Free to play (game is free, but you pay for small things inside the word)

    8) Clare understanding of target audience
    - Best game to specific audience
    - e.g. Colossal Order
    - Cities in Motion - Transport Tycoon

    9) Building up your user base
    - advertise to your contacts
    - reach to the players of your previous games
    e.g. Fingersoft
    e.g. hill climb racing

    10) Original attitude
    stair dismount - create as much as pain as possible
    zen bound - wrap the item with rope