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Beyond personal informatics: designing for sharing

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Slides from my 5-minutes talk at "What do you know" Sydney.

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Beyond personal informatics: designing for sharing

  1. 1. BEYOND PERSONAL INFORMATICSDesigning for SharingMartin Tomitsch | @martintomDesign Lab | The University of Sydneywhat do you know?
  2. 2. LocationTravelled distanceRemaining distanceTime spent travellingTime leftCurrent speed
  3. 3. Immediate: ready to useShort-term use: through sharingLong-term use: through personal reflection Timo Arnall
  4. 4. Immediate: building on already existing behaviourShort-term use: through sharingLong-term use: through personal achievementsSustained use: through supporting everyday activities
  5. 5. Image credits:Slide 2: Vihn NguyenSlide 4: MyZone Guide – Deanne GoardSlide 5: Seat-E-Rail – Roman RodrigoSlide 6: Urine Test appSlide 7: Tamara ChahineSlide 8: Memex (Vannevar Bush) 9: Nike+ 10: Nike+ 11: Nike+ 12: TripStats – Tamara ChahineSlide 13: TripStats – Tamara ChahineSlide 14: Model by Timo Arnall 15: Screenshot by Tamara ChahineSlide 17: Bus app – Tamara Chahine
  6. 6. App credits: Martin TomitschMyZone Guide by Deanne Goard @martintomSeat-E-Rail by Roman RodrigoTripStats app by Tamara ChahineThe Bus app is part of Tamara Chahine’s Honours project at the Design LabSources:The Power of Personal Informatics: for an internet of things – Timo Arnall:, Pertinent, and... Pretty: Designing for the New-wave of Personal Informatics – Matt Jones and Tom Coates: @tamarasaurus