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  1. We represent a ‘new combination’
  2. Mike Parsons –businessman, Karrimor, OMM Ltd, Innovator in Residence, IEED
  3. Mary Rose, academic, business historian
  4. Invisible on Everest : Innovation and the Gear Makers (2003)
  5. Innovation Courses
  6. Innovation for Extremes
  7. www.innovation-for-extremes.net
  8. A  OMM Ltd a business start-up 2005

Notas del editor

  1. Judith Friesl – Knowledge Exchange Officer for a Project called Innovation for Growth part funded by ERDFDelivered by a team of staff funded by the project, some of whom you will have already met including the Project Manager Helen Fogg, Project Administrator Jen and Charlotte on the desk, Jo Valentine who manages student projects and placements, and Kim Ashby looks after marketing We work in IEED, a Dept within the Mgmt school and our job is really to try and tap into the expertise of the Mgmt school both its academics and students to provide benefit to you as small business owners.