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SPEVO2013 - Matt Groves - COM708 - Olympic SharePoint

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Deloivered at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference in April 2013 - a case study style session showing how the London 2012 guys used SharePoint to deliver the greatest show on earth!

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SPEVO2013 - Matt Groves - COM708 - Olympic SharePoint

  1. 1. Olympic SharePoint COM708 Matt Groves
  2. 2. Matt Groves Head of Information Worker Solutions
  3. 3. Setting the scene …
  4. 4. 4,700 medals were minted by the Royal Mint, and stored in the Tower of London 70,000 Volunteer “Games Makers” were needed, 240,000 applications were received! BBC broadcast over 5,000 hours of footage – probably the most watched TV event. Ever!
  5. 5. Trinity  Founded in 1993  Private limited company  400+ FTE  £45m annual services revenue  Offices in Coventry, London & Trinity HQ Hitchin  Microsoft Partner   9 Gold Competencies (inc Portals and Collab, Digital marketing) 6 Silver Competencies  VMware & Citrix Partner  Strategy of growth & acquisition Hitchin London
  6. 6. Trinity Media & Communications Professional Services Gold Certification         Desktop Mobility Systems Management Virtualisation Digital Marketing Unified Communications Identity & Security Portals and Collaboration Financial Services Local & Central Government Retail & Manufacturing Silver Certification       Mid-Market Solutions Provider Server Platform Application Lifecycle Data Platform Enterprise Resource Planning Customer Relationship Management
  7. 7. Early days at LOCOG…
  8. 8. Olympic Challenges
  9. 9. “It was ready for a refresh. It hadn’t moved on from the beginning of the century. It was time to move on and the user demand has moved on.” “Expectations of technology are higher than at previous Olympics.” Gerry Pennell CIO, London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) Pennell on re-development of three quarters of the IT applications that has taken place for London2012
  10. 10. Olympic Challenges
  11. 11. Project Team Project Manag er  Team assembled from different disciplines Project and TA roles are key  PM Technical Architect Manager Discipline lead - X Discipline lead - X Discipline lead - Y Technical Architect Technical Discipline lead - X Technical Project Management Architects Architects Discipline Leads Discipline lead - Y Discipline Specialists Development Technical Architects Disciplines: Discipline lead - X Discipline Leads Project Management Discipline Specialists IWSP Development IWSP DUET BAST Infrastructure Discipline Leads Discipline Specialists DUET
  12. 12. Technology choices…
  13. 13. “The trouble is the infrastructure in the cloud is not sufficiently mature enough to support the kind of things we're doing in the Olympics. The applications aren't there, they're not written for the cloud; quite a big migration would be required to move particularly that core infrastructure into the cloud.” Gerry Pennell CIO, London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) July 2012 in an interview for CIO Magazine
  14. 14. Intranet…
  15. 15. SharePoint “Apps”…
  16. 16. VESPA (Venue Equipment Strategic Planning Application)
  17. 17. • • • • • • • • Blue Badge Parking Mobility SLAM Accreditation Register of Interests Incident Reporting Query Tracking Discretionary Ticketing*1 • Rate Card…. *Not public ticketing
  18. 18. Extranet…
  19. 19. The Exchange External Collab/DM with Partners, Suppliers and key stakeholders across London and UK
  20. 20. The Exchange Custom User Management solution Based on AD and integrated with ISA
  21. 21. SharePoint at London2012 (not by Trinity)
  22. 22. NBC – London 2012 Dan Holme (yes, that Dan Holme) was the Microsoft Technology Consultant for the NBC Olympic operation, read more:
  23. 23. USOC PressBox Contained all the information about the American Team that journalists would need
  24. 24. Excel 2013 – Medal Tracker App Excellent sample released by Microsoft during the beta of Office 15 (not available in RTM builds)
  25. 25. Excel 2013 – Medal Tracker App Video Source: Official Microsoft Office Video Channel (if we have time)
  26. 26. Other Olympic Projects by Trinity…
  27. 27. Australian Olympic Committee • • • • Trinity were appointed to provide IT services and equipment Based primarily at the Athlete Village or Main Press Centre Team of 10 Engineers, plus SDM, Logistics and PM Setup all AOC venues • • • • • • • Press Distribution Athlete Recovery Athlete Conditioning Australian Commissioners Office Over £75k in AV and IT kit spec’d, delivered and installed in under 2 weeks All elements of the Australian contingent were supported 24/7 through game-time
  28. 28. Support services…
  29. 29. “At Games time it's not acceptable for a typical corporate business service level to prevail. The model where you ring up a help desk and several days later you get a fix won't really work… We need the right support model provisioned locally, and we need to make sure we have the right technological expertise on tap.” Gerry Pennell CIO, London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) July 2012 in an interview for CIO Magazine
  30. 30. Support • • Support framework agreed 2009 Intranet/Extranet/Apps • • • Each “App” went through HOTS On-site project team plus Support • • • • • BTS/SSRS/CRM Full-time from mid-2009 From March 2012 on-site was 24/7 (5 people) From January 2009 remote support was available 24/7 Change Freeze from March 2012 *1 Total calls logged from Jan 2009 to Dec 2012 was…….. 256
  31. 31. Beyond London2012…
  32. 32. Wrapping up…
  33. 33. Olympic Video  Video removed for publishing on SlideShare  Source: IOC YouTube Channel ( JITa40)
  34. 34. “the greatest show on earth; the most difficult logistical operation demanded of any country in peacetime.” Source:
  35. 35. “Selecting LOCOG as the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Contribution to IT Award was easy; the team thoroughly deserve to be recognised for their work.” “What is really impressive is that LOCOG not only innovated and created the most technology enabled Games of all time, but they have also created a great public awareness of the role that technology plays and brought to life its value and importance in society today.” David Clarke Group CEO, BCS
  36. 36. Richard Whitehead MBE London 2012 Paralympic 200m T42 Champion World Record holder (Marathon, half-marathon and 200m) @Marathonchamp
  37. 37. Thank you for attending! #COM708 @mattgroves