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Who Is Negligent In Multi-Car Collisions?

Learn more about who is negligent in multi-car collisions in Clearwater, Florida.

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Who Is Negligent In Multi-Car Collisions?

  1. 1. WÌUWETM'EÀR M3? ——- The may eurpriee gou —— Who should be held Iiable in a multi-car crash? In a word, it's f 7 ‘ 7 ‘lux/ l i e, ‘ .1 r" ' ' ‘ il il “"3 i t’ '_; __-_'i l‘ I Èasàésîrfiîffllì“ ‘ Taìlgating. speeding or other _ , . Driv . e aggressive drrvmg maneuvers or otîìîèsnl/ Ivvlîo are texting wògtfiwgs se distracted “o a oflù o‘ ’gò - . (‘SN ‘fòw’ . _ {o 1 Drivers who fall gol? ‘ €30 ‘°‘img‘selì"‘°“s asleep at the wheel -“°°“ aîfifie Brakes tires r0 stai! Dangerous m . , steenng Or Fai mg co d ad auto partsthat - other wmun alane n mons fail or malfunction Adverse weather ‘MO/ ating othe, conditions aws °rsign lstraflic “I: imliiu lisw i111: nszcrlulnrl‘ irslgalpianui, s-xhnlìi ‘mie-tirati ml sentirla»: uluvmvi: ma; iii: piziacflsiliîìz- ai" c-zcnrannu muni". ‘InmITi-a: la nmnawam: pluclpllzî Iizîivruac, trîiîiflflllfilfltà‘. inwialiciic, plullzl-îilrrîllln‘. no. "anni lîm i1: in: 2mm: mm: Cîiîliiiiltlù valli‘: : : .:| ai: 3:1: i1; glia-ti: anziana ai: n: :-: :irrr. I:: n:ii-. ii zil zi" 5m: ‘miaiiiìrrg tritati»: mi: ÈWHIHIEI}. “Il ti’ îztzr; lvirfiiîrzii: rzltlglilgtèlfl jm i'm: caru- rwv: : rari «tram : _ ‘ci: n"r: iy‘iia. i:u: r' i r, : Illmi r. F0r examp/ e, one driver is speeding and Ioses control, colliding into another car. These two cars stop in the middle of the road. An oncoming car may have plenty of time to avoid hitting the stopped vehicles; however, the distracted third driver is texting a message and is unable to stop in time. This driver's negligence may contribute to the damage and injuries of additional vehicles that pile up. Government entities or auto manufacturers may also play a role. Always hire an attorney who knows how to fu/ Iy investigate your situation in order to identify all potentia/ /y Iiable parties.