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DevOps Summit Amsterdam 2013 - Closing Questions

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DevOps Summit Amsterdam 2013 - Closing Questions
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DevOps Summit Amsterdam 2013 - Closing Questions

  1. 1. DevOps Summit Amsterdam 14 November 2013 Closing Questions #unidevops
  2. 2. Questions 1. Open Source Tools (PANEL) – Open source model (esp. Github pull requests) help to drive innovation. Open source does not mean ‘not supported’ 2. Third-party software – how to incorporate? – Strangler Pipeline – Steve Smith (@AgileSteveSmith) 3. What is the role of the software architect in a DevOps? 4. Is DevOps compatible with ITIL? – “Anti-fragile” 5. Is DevOps possible with outsourced functions? 6. “How long does it take to deploy one line of code to Production?” Why is this useful? 7. What are the implications of Conway’s Law?