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How to Use Mail Chimp

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Step by Step Tutorial

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How to Use Mail Chimp

  1. 1. Mail Chimp
  2. 2. What is Mail Chimp?
  3. 3. Mail Chimp is a free software that helps you create, send, and track email newsletters. Create signup forms that match your brand's look and feel, and send your subscribers product updates, event invitations, announcements, or editorial content.
  4. 4. How to Get Mail Chimp?
  5. 5. Open Your Browser
  6. 6. Go to the Address Bar
  7. 7. Type in
  8. 8. Click Signup
  9. 9. Enter Email Address
  10. 10. Enter Username
  11. 11. Enter Password
  12. 12. Click Create Account
  13. 13. How to Create a Contact List On Mail Chimp
  14. 14. You can create as many lists as you need in your Mail Chimp account, but if you're looking to target specific audiences with your campaigns, we'd suggest you manage one list, and use our groups or segmenting features instead.
  15. 15. Go to List on the Dashboard
  16. 16. Click Create A List
  17. 17. Fill up Set up Details and Save
  18. 18. How to import your contacts ?
  19. 19. There are 4 ways to import your subscribers *Upload a CSV file *Copy/paste from Excel *Import directly from Sales force, High-rise, Google docs, or other apps *Start a list from scratch
  20. 20. Click Import Subscribers
  21. 21. Click Import from CSV file
  22. 22. Select CSV Contacts and Click Upload List
  23. 23. After the import, you’ll get to review all the emails that were or were not added to your list. Just click the links to view more details.
  24. 24. How to Create an Email Campaign
  25. 25. Click Create Campaign
  26. 26. Choose Type of Campaign
  27. 27. Choose Email Recipients
  28. 28. Set up Campaign Details
  29. 29. Select Template
  30. 30. Set up Campaign Template
  31. 31. Confirm Campaign Email
  32. 32. Click Save and Exit
  33. 33. Send Test Campaign Email
  34. 34. Send Email Campaign
  35. 35. Schedule Sending Email Campaign
  36. 36. Tips to Avoid Email going to Spam Filters * Using spam my phrases like “Click here!” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!” *Going crazy with exclamation points!!!!!! *USING ALL CAPS, WHICH IS LIKE SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF YOUR *LUNGS VIA EMAIL (especially in the subject line) *Coloring fonts bright red or green *Coding sloppy HTML, usually from converting a Word file *Creating an HTML email that’s nothing but one big image, with little or no text (since spam filters can’t read images, they assume you’re a spammer that’s trying to trick them). *Using the word “Test” in the subject line *Sending a test to multiple recipients within the same company (that *company’s email firewall assumes it’s a spam attack) *Designing HTML email in Microsoft Word and exporting the code to HTML (That code is sloppy, and spam filters hate it.)
  37. 37. Inbox Inspector spam filter checker tell you exactly what your email’s spam score is, and what you need to change if you want to improve your chances with spam filters. Inbox Inspector is free and unlimited for paid, monthly customers.
  38. 38. Inbox Inspector
  39. 39. Build and Customize SignUp Forms
  40. 40. Go to List
  41. 41. Select List for Signup
  42. 42. Click Signup Forms
  43. 43. Buildup Signup Form
  44. 44. Understanding Your Reports
  45. 45. Go to Reports Tab
  46. 46. Choose your Campaign
  47. 47. Go to Overview Page
  48. 48. On the Overview page, you can see how many people opened your email, unsubscribed, clicked your links, forwarded, Liked on Facebook, and much more.
  49. 49. T H E E N D