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Responsive web design

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A presentation on some things to think about when working on responsive web design projects. Presentation given at the Brisbane Web Design meetup - 22 May2012

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Responsive web design

  1. responsome stuff about responsive web design sive
  2. intro: aboutphase 1: planningphase 2: contentphase 3: designphase 4: buildphase 5: after
  3. about
  4. the rise of mobile half of all searches are mobilesome websites near 50% mobile explosion of devices we need to address mobile
  5. what is responsive? creating flexible layoutsthat can adapt to suit the size or orientation of any device.
  6. three things1. flexible, grid-based layout 2. flexible images/media 3. media queries Ethan Marcotte
  7. strengths? device agnosticeasy to build (not plan)
  8. weakness? bandwidth user experienceoverall management
  9. responsive/ mobile/apps each has their place,responsive is not the only solution responsive is a perfect base
  10. the future is ress“Such a tempting solution... you never have to touch the server” Luke Wroblewski
  11. more than techniques65% planning & testing35% design & content 5% build
  12. planning
  13. mobile first plan for small expand for large
  14. prototyping loose wireframes test the flow early
  15. breakpoints based on content not devices
  16. ux consistency procedural memory and confusing users
  17. test frequentlydon’t make assumptions
  18. content
  19. simple contentsmall screen does not always mean “simple content”
  20. write wisely pyramid writing? hide/reveal? content folding?
  21. desigdesign
  22. design smalldesign for small screen first
  23. visual hierarchy maintain hierarchy at all screen sizes
  24. content imagessimply shrinking your images may not be ideal
  25. build
  26. frameworksyou may need to roll your own (but learn from others) test frequently
  27. overlap? should your CSS beoverlapping or contained?
  28. javascript?will you use javascript orconditional comments?
  29. responsive tables some techniques look cool, but be aware of the users
  30. responsive media there are so many solutions so do your research
  31. after
  32. style guidesdocument your design and code for others that come after
  33. reviewthe job is never done!
  34. wrap
  35. 1. responsive should be the base2. you may still need RESS or mobile3. the build is only part of the process4. mobile first at every stage5. test at every stage