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(MBASkills.IN) Why We Do What We Do?

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Why We Do What We Do? by Tonny Robbins

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(MBASkills.IN) Why We Do What We Do?

  1. 1. What drives our action? Emotion
  2. 2. 12 different emotion present Only dominant 5-6 emotions makes us happy and are relevant
  3. 3. But people always do not work in self interest People think everyone work in self interest DRIVES US
  4. 4. Emotion helps to contribute more to society Effective leader can move themselves and others to action as they understand the invisible force that shape up emotion Everybody understand and appreciates everybody
  5. 5. What is people’s motivation to performance? Art of fulfillment Science of achievement
  6. 6. Science of achievement dream big and make it happen What is people’s motivation to performance? “I will rule this city one day”
  7. 7. What is people’s motivation to performance? Art of fulfillment appreciation and contribution towards society
  8. 8. Decision shape our culture Emotional fitness and psychological fitness is important for good decision making Decision is ultimate power
  9. 9. Why people do not achieve? Normally everyone say due to lack of resource
  10. 10. Peoplelackresourcefulness-Rightemotionhelptoachieve Why people do not achieve?
  11. 11. Decisions shapes destiny 3 important decisions of life
  12. 12. Focus Focus= Feelings Past/Present/Future Meaning End or beginning Punished/Rewarded? 3 important decisions of life What are you going to do? Give up/ Move forward
  13. 13. Invisible force that shape us Short Term State= Moments Personality Long Term Model of the world= Filter which shapes decision . Based on needs
  14. 14. Life decisions depend upon needs of life Target of life What to achieve in life? Life Map How to reach success? Fuel Emotion used to achieve?
  15. 15. Psychological Needs Every human find way to meet all 4 needs
  16. 16. Needs of Sprit Create “WE” culture
  17. 17. Different ways to fulfill same need Map of time is different for everyone
  18. 18. Transformation can happen by changing beliefs and morals Society feels,
  19. 19. Summery People can contribute more if they understand emotion. Understand people, understand human need
  20. 20. Sangita Naru Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow