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Group Discussion Topics, GD for MBA, GD Tips, Group
Discussion Preparation, GD Ideas, GD Topics MBA

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Group discussion topics, gd for mba, gd tips, group discussion preparation, gd ideas, gd topics mba

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Group discussion topics, gd for mba, gd tips, group discussion preparation, gd ideas, gd topics mba

  1. 1. Group Discussion Topics, GD for MBA, GD Tips, Group Discussion Preparation, GD Ideas, GD Topics MBA GD Preparation, Group Discussion Tips, GD Preparation, Group Discussion ,Group Discussion, Personal Interview Group Discussion or GD is a modern method of assessing students' personality. Group Discussions or GD is a widespread tool to judge the worthiness of the student and his suitability for the MBA Course or a job. So, why do students usually face a lot of problem and insecurity in this area of the Selection Process? Let us first understand what Group Discussion is and how it is conducted! Group Discussion is regarded as both a technique and an art as it checks how you behave, participate and contribute in a group, how much importance you give to the group objectives, your listening skills and how well do you accept criticisms. The term Group Discussion suggests a discussion among a group of persons ranging from 8 to 12 members who will express their views freely, frankly in a friendly manner, on a topic of current issue within a limited time slot Group Discussion (GDs) is today one of the most critical phases for selection to any MBA institute in India. GD rounds are not only useful but have also become an essential part of B schools admission process as it helps to weed out the best from the rest. No doubt more and more B schools are adopting Group Discussion as one of the screening methodologies for Admissions. For Group Discussion, a batch of 8-12 students are formed and are made to sit in formation of either round table, semi – circle or hollow square so as to enable each of them to see, observe and hear one another freely and also to address the group as a whole. GD round is facilitated by an examiner or a selection panel whose main job is to oversee the whole group discussion. In a group discussion round, after the announcement of the GD topic or the case study, the examiner becomes a silent spectator once the discussion begins. Management institutes today are very clear about the skills and knowledge that they are looking for in a student while screening. GDs are used to assess certain group skills that cannot be evaluated in a personal interview like ability to reason, to lead, to Inspire, flexibility, out-of-the-box thinking, social and listening skills, situational handling ability, ability to function as a team player, body language and attitude. These skills are very much required to become a successful professional which in turn works as an asset for the B school at time of campus placements. Another important reason for institutes to keep Group Discussion (GDs) as an elimination round is because of the huge rush towards top B schools for MBA Admissions. During the peak time of admissions, an institute has to examine hundreds and thousands of candidates who have registered for the MBA program at the institute. GD helps them to analyze up to 15 aspirants in 10 minutes only. Group Discussion has been a part of the Selection process for admission into most of the top Business Schools. So, it's important to assess your current strengths in all these areas and accordingly put efforts to strengthen your weaknesses. To prepare for a group discussion, keep track of happenings around the world. Being aware of current affairs and issues and happenings, which affect our lives, however remotely, shows a well-rounded personality. As a team player, your ability to lead and play in team is measured in the GD. Make a habit of reading english newspapers and magazines, watch interesting documentaries and profiles on television to get a wider perspective on issues. Group Discussion topics can be from a wide range of issues. It could be a topic on current events, business news, sports or anything very general. The wider your reading interests, the better prepared you will be to face the group discussion. Some Example with Real Account Group Discussion (GD) is the integral part of final selection process at most of the B-schools. The group discussion is a tool for selectors to evaluate aspirant's ability to gather their thought on a random topic and analyse the issue with its pros and cons based on facts and logic. It also tests their thought leading capabilities, clarity in their argument, ability to articulate and team leading capacity. MBAUniverse .com brings to you a series of real account of GD, PI, WAT round at Top B School for admission in the session 2013-15. Read Full Story: