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XAT 2014: 10 valuable Last Minute Tips

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Learn how to best utilise your day before XAT 2014 and the last minute tips to improve your score from Prof. S.K. Agarwal, expert on MBA entrance preparation.

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XAT 2014: 10 valuable Last Minute Tips

  1. 1. XAT 2014: 10 valuable Last Minute Tips Learn how to best utilise your day before XAT 2014 and the last minute tips to improve your score from Prof. S.K. Agarwal, expert on MBA entrance preparation. XAT 2014 is only a day away. What should be the strategy on the day before the test and what are the useful last minute tips to help the aspirants in the examination are some of the questions which go on knocking all the time. Learn how to best utilise your day before XAT 2014 and the last minute tips to improve your score from Prof. S.K. Agarwal, expert on MBA entrance preparation. has placed a good number of topic wise exercises and comprehensive Mock test along with more than 100 probable GK questions for the benefit of prospective XAT takers on its homepage. You should attempt this practice test to assess yourself. Revision of tricks and shortcuts in Quant and DI It is not recommended to go for any fresh preparatory topic on a day before the examination as it creates more confusion than clarity. However, in case you feel that some formulae, topic already learnt by you need a quick revision, you may go for that. For example what type of questions you can solve with trial and error method; what could be the shortcut to find out the interest; percentage of profit and loss; how to quickly arrive at the desired number; how to compare the DI data in diagrammatical or graphical presentation; how to arrive at the square root of some typical number and so on. The strategy to be adopted may be as follows Tips to revise grammar and Vocabulary usage Give around 30 minutes to practice the various types of questions that appear in this section especially on the already learnt topics. It will be better to revise and practice the
  2. 2. available questions in this section as they are not very difficult but are tricky and have confusing close options. Avoid single sitting revision Single sitting revision may be difficult. Divide it topic wise and in slots of half an hour each. Since the receptivity and concentration go on diminishing after some time hence splitting the time frame of two-three hours into 5-6 slots will enable you to do better on revision front and will keep you fresh. Last minute tips on Essay Writing Read a few model essays and think how you would write an essay extempore in 20 minutes. In the examination hall you may be given any topic to write. Please do not begin writing immediately. Spend a few seconds, even a minute to gather the thoughts and to frame an outline. Essay may be as short as 300 words but must have relevant information, coherent flow of thoughts, should conclude in balanced manner and with a positive note. Make a to-do-list Another important suggestion is to prepare a comprehensive but short to do list for the day. Your list should contain organising the stationery and papers necessary for the examination, updating yourself about the time and venue of the test, how to mark answers correctly on OMR sheet, estimation of time to be consumed from the place of your stay to the venue of examination, ascertaining the mode of conveyance, the dress you would like to wear on the examination day, and a little last minute revision. Important – Please note that items like cell phones, calculators, watch calculators, alarm clocks, digital watches with built in calculators/memory or any electronic gadgets shall not be allowed in the examination hall. It is better to avoid the same. Be open to all the questions Do not get biased before the examination. Even the topics that are underprepared may give you pleasant surprise. Maximise your attempts with speed and accuracy. It is not advisable to go for guesses since a penalty of one fourth negative marking for every wrong answer will be imposed.
  3. 3. Practice on dummy OMR XAT allows you to attempt any question from any part and for any number of times, till 140 minutes are over. Practice at least once on dummy OMR sheet. In our hurry we sometimes forget to mark the right circle against right number of answer option, despite knowing the answer. With a little bit of practice, you can reassure yourself and get rid of this problem. Manage the time Please reach in time, occupy the seat allotted to you by verifying the seat number, pasted on the desk and also indicated in the admit card. When you get the Test Booklet, please check that all the pages of the booklet are in order. In case of any defect, immediately bring it to the notice of the invigilator. Remember there will be 140 minutes to solve 90 to 95 questions divided in 3 sections. Every section has individual cut off also. What immediately after XAT Performers in XAT must begin preparation for GD/PI. Names of the short listed candidates for XLRI GD/PI will be declared on XLRI website by January 31, 2014. Number of candidates can fairly assess their performance in XAT and if found positive, should immediately after the examination proceed for the preparation on GD/PI, without waiting for the XAT score card. XAT 2014 Result: XAT 2014 Result will be declared on Friday, January 31, 2014 on the XAT 2014 website. XAT 2014 candidates can check their XAT 2014 Result by visiting the XAT 2014 website. On visiting the XAT 2014 website, one has to click on the tab Download XAT Score Card on the left side of the page. After clicking it, you can download your XAT 2014 Score Card and view your XAT 2014 Result. After logging in, you can download and print your XAT 2014 Result in the form of the score card To Know More Details: