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Trends in Building Big Data Applications in 2014

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All through the year 2013, the big data and analytics have been amidst the most-hyped concepts in the IT landscape.

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Trends in Building Big Data Applications in 2014

  1. 1. Trends in Building Big Data Applications in 2014 LeadFormix Confidential
  2. 2. All through the year 2013, the big data and analytics have been amidst the most-hyped concepts in the IT landscape. With the huge amount of datasets that majority of businesses owe presently about their consumers and themselves, it is not a wonder that applying the analytics to this data is considered better to understand consumers and business procedures. However, one often wonders that how much of it was hype and reality? For several businesses, big data started to add up. For instance, NRMA Monitoring Services have resorted to e-Commerce, CRM, analytics and geolocation technologies in order to better engage its membership base and set up new cross-selling scopes for its diverse range of businesses. Furthermore, when it is about building big data applications, Alec Gardner, industry consulting director at Teradata Australia and New Zealand is of opinion that 2014 will see more and more companies implementing analytics pilots as a toe in the water. He says that “More companies will roll up their sleeves and 'have a try' by starting to bring in new data sources and technologies to answer new business questions and gain insight either not possible or too difficult previously”. According to him this could comprise certain projects to allow more effective marketing and communications spend through analysis of the most efficient messages and channels, or for an improved understanding of consumer experience. It is also suggested that in 2014 projects will allow clear behavioral trends in order to view scope for improving a relationship, for instance to upsell and enhance service delivery or to intervene for minimizing fraud or risk a business. Gardner says that “For the past two years, there has been an almost inverse relationship between the companies talking about their use of big data and those that actually are. In 2014, we should start to see and hear some significant results from organizations that have been quietly investing in advanced (big data) analytics in 2013." However, there can be certain hindrances to this. The IT teams are required to set up a unified data architecture that allows the business users to have access to the data and increment their present models or generate new questions. It is here that companies specializing in unified storage solutions have introduced big data partnerships that assist the companies in the process of setting up big data applications. Furthermore, the enterprise culture might also need to change, thereby shifting from a perspective of analytics discovery as a discrete project to a core competency for the business. LeadFormix Confidential
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