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Leadership Summit: Developing Transforming Leaders

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Leadership Summit: Developing Transforming Leaders

  1. 1. LEADERSHIP SUMMIT Robert Hargrove
  2. 2. What is Leadership
  3. 3. Let’s study leadership in the context of history, then in business.
  4. 4. Our traditional view of leadership is images of charismatic Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs who wield tremendous power & speak to people from on high.
  5. 5. In fact, genuine leadership has little to do with one’s position, and speaking to people from on high or dominating others.
  6. 6. Leaders are often ordinary people who dare to take a stand for needed change when leaders at the top have are stuck in defending their position or the status quo.
  7. 7. Transactional leadership is the everyday leadership needed to be a good steward or run the business It involves reaching middle of the road goals and incremental change through making deals, bargains, and tradeoffs
  8. 8. Transforming leadership is the kind of leadership that alters the course of history It involves raising the aspirations and motivations of followers
  9. 9. Leadership is mobilizing people toward a transforming vision consistent with supreme and enduring values
  10. 10. Leadership without ethics and values is just mere technique
  11. 11. How do you develop leaders
  12. 12. A recent study shows... the Development of Leadership Studying Leadership Competencies
  13. 13. Instead, start to think of leadership, not as a set of characteristics, but as an ACTION you take
  14. 14. People are called to leadership by throbbing human needs and wants Seoul after Korean War Seoul Today
  15. 15. Leadership represents the triumph of possibility over resignation
  16. 16. There are certain moments that are “historic moments” when it becomes possible for individuals to make a difference, resulting in the triumph of possibility over resignation Social Media Courageous People
  17. 17. Leadership arises when we recognize an opportunity to make a difference and dare to take a stand Google executive who touched off the Egyptian Revolution
  18. 18. Leaders must win people over – both supporters and opposers
  19. 19. Everything we have said about political leadership applies to business leadership
  20. 20. Most CEO’s are transactional leaders who focus on “running the business” – the daily process of bargaining
  21. 21. Yet to reach an Impossible Future or create a Game Changer you must become Transforming Leaders
  22. 22. You need transforming leadership when reputations are being destroyed by a moral crisis Toyota Motor Corp President Katsuaki Watanabe
  23. 23. Do you hear the call to leadership from employees who feel stifled or customers who are frustrated?
  24. 24. You and I are presented with opportunities to make a difference every day on the job with… Investors, Customers, Employees, Suppliers
  25. 25. Leadership development depends on recognizing these opportunities when presented to us and daring to… TAKE A STAND The next step is to develop skills
  26. 26. We have discovered 10 elements of a Leader’s DNA Code
  27. 27. Iconoclasts Unleash your entrepreneurial power. Leaders follow their own passions, talents, and gifts, whether they succeed or fail. Stop trying to look good, play it safe, conform. 1 I never wanted to be an entrepreneur or business person. I wanted to do things I was proud of. -Richard Branson
  28. 28. Become Your Own Seer You can’t see new possibilities sitting behind your desk weighted down by corporate policy and industry orthodoxy. Get up and travel outside your business, outside your industry. The future belongs to people who see new possibilities before they become obvious and act on them. -Mark Zuckerberg, CEO 2
  29. 29. Empathy Ask yourself, where have all significant competitors in your market gotten too lazy or lost touch with customers and employees?” -Herb Kelleher, CEO Southwest Airlines on creating a new niche The voice of the customer has got to be ringing in your ear 3
  30. 30. Impossible Future Take a stand for an Impossible Future and communicate it with every breath you take. 4 From Third World to First. –PM Lee, Singapore
  31. 31. Be a Game Changer You change the game with disruptive technology, innovative business concepts, and creating a value network. 5
  32. 32. Build capabilities that support the Impossible Future Disruptive Innovation starts with leveraging the company capabilities and strategic assets you already have. 6
  33. 33. Mastering the Political Chessboard 7 You need to go for a big dream and make big decisions when you are in a position of power and leverage. You need to build coalitions and go for quick wins to build credibility when you are not. Brazil’s Lula da Silva
  34. 34. Following Your Own True North It’s important to not bend your values when you are under stress and pressure. 8 If we can get the values lined up with performance, then this is an absolutely unbeatable company. –James McNerney, CEO, Boeing
  35. 35. Be a Multiplier vs. Diminisher Multipliers make everyone around them feel smarter and more capable. My role is about unleashing what people already have inside them that is maybe suppressed in most work environments. You can't deliver good service from unhappy employees. Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos 9
  36. 36. Results Driven I decided that I would go for a breakthrough that would seriously impact the stock price before my first 100 days was up. I decided to use innovation and operational excellence to drive revenue growth and profit growth. -Greg Goff, CEO, Tesoro, Fortune 500 oil company, doubled stock price in 6 months 10
  37. 37. The leader’s DNA Code is translated into specific learnable behavior These leadership skills are intuitive. Yet when it comes to the actual practice, “doing them is counterintuitive.” That’s because the corporate world “does not value these actions.”
  38. 38. Start by setting an Impossible Future for your company and asking each person to create an impossible goal. Reading Classroom Coaching Stretch Assignments Provide people with leadership development support:
  39. 39. Think of one thing you will do differently as a leader on Monday morning as a result of being here today. What is it?
  40. 40. Robert Hargrove Edward Choi CMOE, Masterful Coaching Korea All Rights Reserved © 2011 Robert Hargrove