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Red Hot Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 - Cincinnati AMA - March

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With digital in full bloom, it’s hard to keep on top of what’s hot and what’s not. Thankfully, as a brand marketers/managers and leaders it’s not your responsibility to be monitoring the rise and fall of the latest trends – it’s ours. As VP and GM of DAC Group, Louisville, Mike Corak wouldn’t be doing his job if he wasn’t up to speed on the real-world staying power of digital trends and tactics. From ‘Why customer experience needs to be a top concern’ to ‘Looking beyond the Googlesphere for unique traffic and sizing up the data hound’s bark vs. its bite’ – this session will expose false predictions and shine a light on performing trends that brands shouldn’t ignore.

At the AMA Cincinnati event, Mike, or Mr. Corak as he is addressed by no one, will share his top eight digital trends that deliver. Together you’ll walk through the best of what’s ahead in digital tactics while gaining insight and tips for real-world application in digital communications, roadmap creation, and opportunity optimization for performance.

And, there may be lasers. For real.

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Red Hot Digital Marketing Trends of 2016 - Cincinnati AMA - March

  1. 1. RED HOT DIGITAL TRENDS OF 2016 Presented by: Mike Corak @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  2. 2. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  3. 3. Why is this Mike Corak guy up here? @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  4. 4. It’s not because … @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 Friend: Ann Handley Uncle: Andy Hanley Who both live in Boston and are a “D” placement away from basically being the same person which could mean Ann and I are related!?
  5. 5. No Ann Handley, but Who Is!? #18 on Content Marketing Landscape – Top 200 Influencers - Onalytica Client Award #2 on the Top 50 Content Marketers – Kapost Lots of program design and execution for folks like… @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 VP / GM LOU
  6. 6. It’s been an interesting 24 hours @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 First, Ann’s personal assistant and family friend is celebrating her b-day in LOU at our house #bourbon Next, our mutual friend Ann gets crazy sick Then someone had a bright idea And here I am! “Hey, didn’t you do a keynote last week? Maybe…”
  7. 7. @AnnHandley We’re sorry you’re sick. Feel better, see you soon! @CincinnatiAMA
  8. 8. The 4 things you do when you find out you’re filling in for Ann Handley in 24 hours
  9. 9. 1. Freak the Eff Out!
  10. 10. 2. Dust Off Your Latest Presentation RED HOT DIGITAL TRENDS OF 2016
  11. 11. 3. Run Out To Dollar Tree and Buy ALL the Lasers
  12. 12. 4. Get Some Assembly Help From Your Family and Friends
  14. 14. Release I, (insert your name), swear that I will not burn anyone’s eyes out with my laser, especially Mike’s I Accept These Small Print Terms of Laser Usage
  15. 15. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  16. 16. Where are my suit pants? @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  17. 17. Warm Up: Where are my pants? Back in Arizona with the couch? In one of these boxes at the house? @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  18. 18. Sometimes, In A Fast Moving World.. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 I MADE IT IN 20 HRS
  19. 19. It’s Easy to Miss the Signs @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  20. 20. And In Digital, If You’re Not Paying Attention @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  21. 21. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 You May End Up Losing Your Shorts
  22. 22. Or Your Pants (We’re Like Twins, Right)? @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 Totally You’re Dreaming
  23. 23. The Good News? I’m going to save you a bunch of time reviewing the top trends you need to be thinking about. And in turn, you will know where your pants are at all times! @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  24. 24. Agenda Trend-O-Mania Top 8 Digital Trends For 2016 Thanks! @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  25. 25. Trend-O-Mania @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  26. 26. Most Popular Trends (What’s Your Top?) Mobile Social Evolution Content Marketing Internet of Things Big Data Programmatic Wearables Conversion Rate Optimization SEO Next Steps Strategic Planning Marketing Automation
  27. 27. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  28. 28. Mobile Mobile is not a trend, it’s the norm. Deficiencies require catch-up (fast). “In 2015, mobile will represent 70% of the total US search audience” —emarketer @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  29. 29. Google Even Cares About Mobile Beyond Ad $! “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.” ‘s
  30. 30. Strategic Planning What were you doing before if you weren’t planning? @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  31. 31. Important Mediums, But Also Not Trends Internet of Things Programmatic Buying Marketing Automation @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  32. 32. Themes That Deserve Your Focus User Centered Everything Social Evolution More Effective Content Marketing Media Budgeting Omni-channel Integration
  33. 33. Top 8 Digital Trends I Love for 2016
  34. 34. Red Hot Digital Trends 1. Customer Experience is #1
  35. 35. •Accenture 2013 Global Consumer Pulse Survey: “85% of customers are frustrated by dealing with a company that does not make it easy to do business with them. 58% are frustrated with inconsistent experiences from channel to channel.” •CMO Council and SAP 2014 – Mastering Adaptive Customer Engagements (Responsive): “Marketers believe that customer centricity – and the customer’s belief that they are engaged with a customer-centric organization – is critical not just to the business, but also to the individual marketer’s success” •Gartner 2014 – Gartner Survey: “89% of companies surveyed plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016, 65% of companies have the equivalent of a chief customer officer – they report equally to the CMO and CEO.” •Gartner 2014 – Spend Survey: “#1 innovation project for 2015 is customer experience” •Gartner 2014 – CMO Club Survey: “CMOs say leading customer experience cross- functionally at all touch points is the top investment over the next 2 years.” •IBM 2013 – Customer-activated Enterprise: “39% of outperformers have developed a fully-integrated digital-physical customer strategy.” •McKinsey 2014 – Digital Tipping Point: “Of the six digital trends we asked about, executives expect the largest share of their digital growth in the coming years will be from digital customer engagement. •Oracle 2013 – Global Insights: “93% say that improving customer experience is one of the top three priorities for the next two years. 97% state customer experience is critical to future success.” Customer Experience is the next big thing.
  36. 36. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  37. 37. What Does it Mean? • Prioritizing User Needs • Consistent and Continuous Experiences Across Every Touch-point • Personalization and One to One Relationship Building • Mobile Maturity • Customer Centric Analytics Usage @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  38. 38. Audience Focused Content Strategy + User Design
  39. 39. Red Hot Digital Trends 2. Mobile Maturity
  40. 40. Do You Have a Responsive Website? Yes No I Don’t Know M-Dot / Adaptive
  41. 41. Studies Show… Only 50% of companies have a “mobile friendly” website, even though more usage originates from Mobile than Desktop, a growing trend. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  42. 42. Google Even Cares About Mobile Friendly Sites! “Starting April 21, 2015, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.” ‘s
  43. 43. Google cares about the user’s experience, not just mobile friendly sites. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  45. 45. Mobile Maturity Checklist • Mobile first experiences (site, email, content, etc.) • Understanding of mobile intent • Local marketing integration • Mobile friendly media • Mobile friendly landing pages • Mobile analytics and optimization • And… @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  46. 46. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 NEVER SAY MOBILE AGAIN
  47. 47. Red Hot Digital Trends 3. Content Quality Over Quantity
  48. 48. Content marketing is evolving @AnnHandley
  49. 49. What’s the Most Effective Content Medium? White Papers Videos E-Newsletters Mobile Apps Webinars Social Content Photos / Infographics In-person Events Research Reports Case Studies
  50. 50. Companies Have a Content Problem ... @AnnHandley
  51. 51. … and it’s only getting worse
  52. 52. Where most companies are at: Piles of non-performing content. What do they do? Create more. Why?
  53. 53. Before you create one more piece of content, you need to deal with your R.O.T. content. Anna Hrach Content Strategist
  54. 54. Redundant: Duplicate content, over wordy, too many clicks and/or steps. Outdated: Expired offers, out-of-date content and materials, broken links/images. Trivial: Not relevant for the brand, no value for the visitor, missing content or context
  55. 55. Redundant 2013 2015
  56. 56. Outdated
  57. 57. Trivial
  58. 58. “50% of marketers struggle to create content consistently” – Content Marketing Institute
  59. 59. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  60. 60. Cooperative Content = Topical plan + Employee generated content (EGC) + User generated content (UGC) Jay Baer Convince & Convert
  61. 61. Beggin Strips…mmmmmm
  62. 62. Red Hot Digital Trends 4. What happens if Google isn’t #1?
  63. 63. What’s Your Top Traffic Producer? Paid Search Content Marketing Social Media I Don’t Know Organic Search Display Media
  64. 64. SEO Philosophy: Search was… THEN Keyword Research Keyword Usage Page elements: Titles, headings, meta, body copy, links including anchor Keyword Rankings *Keyword data via analytics Research Measuring Performance Tactical Execution @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  65. 65. • Biz objectives • Social listening • User personas • Analytic insights • Keyword research by THEME • All of which feeds content strategy • Search • Content planning • Site hierarchy • Social posting • Display messaging • Email messaging • Local messaging • PPC AdGroups • Content focused media (Native) • Standard KPIs (real world) • Thematic performance (segmentation, attribution) @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 SEO Philosophy: Search was… NOW Research Measuring Performance Tactical Execution
  66. 66. Modern SEO Works Ingredients: • 1 Part technical consultation • 1 Part thematic prioritization • 1 Part content strategy • 1 Part user experience • An overpowering amount of integration & coordinated execution across channels
  67. 67. But Google Wants You to Pay More… @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  68. 68. Aggressively Build Additional Sources • Paid Media • Social Media • Distributed Content • Email • Apps • Influencers • Partners @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  69. 69. B2C Paid Media @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  70. 70. Social Media Success in B2C @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  71. 71. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  72. 72. In Social, The Free Lunch is Over. Most social platforms are public companies, meaning they are legally responsible for their success, not yours.
  73. 73. Bottom Line You need a bigger media budget to support all online marketing @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  74. 74. By The Way, Did You See This? @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  75. 75. Red Hot Digital Trends 5. Local Gets it Right
  76. 76. Digital Market Share For most local searches, 3-7 Google My Business results appear in the SERP plus Yelp, YP & others in Natural Organic @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  77. 77. Yet This Is What We Still See
  78. 78. 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors N.A.P. accounts for 48.6% of the overall local search ranking factors Signals like Categories & Proximity (14.7%) NAP Consistency, Citations, etc. (13.6%) On-Page Signals (20.3%) Link Signals (20.0%) Review Signals like quantity & quality (8.4%) Social Signals like Facebook likes and Twitter Followers (5.0%) Behavioral / Mobile Signals (9.5%) Personalization (8.5%)
  79. 79. Localize Your Marketing Efforts! • Local Search • Localized Website Experiences (Personalization) • Localized Content • Localized Email • Media Locally Targeted @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  80. 80. Laser Break: Tattoo Removal #SaveTheBieb!
  81. 81. Nice Work Guys, We (Almost) Did It!
  82. 82. Red Hot Digital Trends 6. Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay
  83. 83. “Advertising from companies is trusted 47% of the time.” – Nielsen
  84. 84. “Friends and family are trusted 92% of the time” – Nielsen
  85. 85. “Company experts are trusted 66% of the time.” – Edelman
  86. 86. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  87. 87. Developing an Influencer Strategy • Understand your audience • Listen and Search for related topics • ID those who fit your values (including yourself) • Explore relationship @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  88. 88. Red Hot Digital Trends 7. Top Performance From Integration
  89. 89. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  90. 90. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  91. 91. Red Hot Digital Trends 8. Staffing Scrappy Need Image – point is to hire scrappers that love data and will dig. Might be nice to show split screen of someone working hard v. someone in a suit being lazy.
  92. 92. @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  93. 93. Now Where’s Your Biggest Opportunity? Customer Experience Mobile Maturity Content Quality Traffic Beyond Google Localization Influencers Integration Staffing Scrappy8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  94. 94. Red Hot Digital Trends CX Questions ? Video Local Content Paid Social Owned @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016
  95. 95. Red Hot Digital Trends Thank You For Having Us @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 Mike Corak VP/GM DAC Group @mikecorak