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  2. 2. CONTENTS
  3. 3. Introduction to Color TheoryWith colors you can set a mood, attractattention, or make a statement. You can usecolor to energize, or to cool down. Byselecting the right color scheme, you cancreate an ambiance of elegance, warmth ortranquility, or you can convey an image ofplayful youthfulness. Color can be your mostpowerful design element if you learn to useit effectively. 
  4. 4. Primary Colors Red, Yellow and BlueSecondary Colors Green, orange and purpleTertiary ColorsYellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green & yellow-green
  5. 5. Primary Colors• In traditional color theory(used in paint and pigments),primary colors are the 3pigment colors that can not bemixed or formed by anycombination of other colors.
  6. 6. Secondary ColorsThese are the colorsformed by mixing theprimary colors
  7. 7. Tertiary Colors• These are the colors formedby mixing a primary and asecondary color. Thats whythe hue is a two word name,such as blue-green, red-violet,and yellow-orange.
  8. 8. Color Scheme A color scheme is a planned combination of colors. Color concepts which will help you understand color schemes include warm colors, cool colors, complementary colors and adjacent colors. There are types of color schemes Complementary, Split Complementary,  Analogous, Triadic, Monochromatic
  9. 9. Triadic Color Scheme
  10. 10. Analogous Color Scheme
  11. 11. Split Complementary Color Scheme
  12. 12. Complementary color Scheme
  13. 13. TRIADIC COLOR SCHEME Three hues equally positioned on a color wheel ANALOGOUS COLOR SCHEME Those colors located adjacent to each other on a color wheel.SPLIT COMPLEMENTARY COLOR SCHEME  One hue plus two others equally spaced from its complement   COMPLEMENTARY COLOR   Those colors across from each other on a SCHEME color wheel.
  15. 15. What is Color Psychology ? It is the study of color as a factor in human behavior. This includes very diverse studies, ranging from quantifying individual color Preference to investigating the relationship between shirt color and match outcome in English football
  16. 16. Color Psychology as TherapySeveral ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practicedchromotherapy, or using colors to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimesreferred to as light therapy or colourology and is still used today as aholistic or alternative treatment.In this treatment:Red was used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation.Yellow was thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.Orange was used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels.Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.Indigo shades were thought to alleviate skin problems.   
  17. 17. Use of color to create ambiance• Color has long been used to create feelings ofcoziness or spaciousness.• Colors have an effect on peoples moods andemotions.• Color can affect our reactions to people. Theeffect is subtle but very real; color swaysperception, judgment and behavior.
  18. 18. Light, color, and surroundings• Light and color can influence how people perceive the area around them. Different light sources affect how the colors of walls and other objects are seen.• Lighter colors may appear to be more orange or "brownish" and darker colors may appear even darker.• Light and color can influence how people perceive the area around them..
  20. 20. Cultural Color Meanings of RedWestern: .· Energy, Excitement, Action· Danger· Love, Passion· A warning to stop anger· Christmas combined with green· Valentines DayEastern:·  Prosperity· Good fortune· Worn by brides· Symbol of joy when combined with white
  21. 21. Cultural Color Meanings of Green Western: · Lucky color in most western cultures · Spring, New Birth, Regeneration · Nature and Environmental Awareness · Color for go at traffic lights · Saint Patricks Day · Christmas combined with red · Jealousy · Greed Eastern: · New life, regeneration and hope fertility
  22. 22. Cultural Color Meanings of PinkWestern:• Caring and Nurturing• Love and Romance• FeminineEastern:· Feminine
  23. 23. Cultural Color Meanings of OrangeWestern:• Affordable or Inexpensive items• Halloween, combined with blackEastern:• Happiness• Spirituality
  24. 24. Cultural Color Meanings of YellowWestern:• Happiness, Joy• Hope• Cowardice• Caution, warning of hazards and hazardous substancesEastern:• Sacred• Imperial
  25. 25. Cultural Color Meanings of Blue  Generally the safest color to use world wideWestern:• Trust and authority• Conservative, Corporate• Peace and Calm• Depression, Sadness• "something blue" Bridal tradition• Masculine color• Baby boysEastern:• Immortality
  26. 26. Cultural Color Meanings of PurpleWestern:• Royalty• Spirituality• Wealth and Fame• High ranking positions of authority• Military Honor (Purple Heart)Eastern:• Wealth
  27. 27. Cultural Color Meanings of WhiteWestern:• Brides and Weddings• Angels• Hospitals, Doctors• Peace - the white dove• Purity and CleanlinessEastern:• Death, mourning and funerals• Sadness
  28. 28. Cultural Color Meanings of BlackWestern:• Power, Control, Intimidation• Funerals, death, mourning• RebellionEastern:• Wealth, Health and Prosperity
  29. 29. THANK YOU