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How We Win With Agile

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Follow along on Mediacurrent’s journey to adopting an Agile agency model and learn how to make Agile work for your organization.

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How We Win With Agile

  1. 1. How We Win With Agile Pantheon Partner Day
  2. 2. | 2 Today’s Team Adam Kirby Director of Marketing Paul Chason Managing Partner
  3. 3. | 3 Today’s Agenda I. About Mediacurrent II. Agile by Necessity III. Running an Agile Agency Model IV. The Impact of Agile on Mediacurrent V. When Agile Won’t Work VI. What Agile Changes in an Agency VII. How to Pivot to Agile
  4. 4. | 4 Who We Are Mediacurrent is a full-service digital agency that implements world class open source software development, strategy, and design to achieve defined goals for enterprise organizations seeking a better return on investment.
  5. 5. | 5 What We Do ● Drupal since 2007 ● Atlanta, GA HQ, with global reach ● 80+ full-time experts ● Top 5 contributor to ● 10+ Agile Scrum Certified Product Owners ● Clients are large enterprise high-profile, global brands Strategy DesignSupport Training Development
  6. 6. | 6 Agile by Necessity
  7. 7. | 7 Clients Don’t Like Being in the Dark Photo by Alan Cabello from Pexels “I want to be able to tap you on the shoulder at the end of the day to find out what you did.”
  8. 8. | 8 ● Most clients don’t know precisely what they need. ● They’re looking to us for advice. ● The discovery process continues beyond the formal discovery phase. ● Shifting concerns, stakeholders and tech fit a goal-based model better. Focusing on Goals, Not Deliverables
  9. 9. | 9 Ad-hoc SOW’s Kill Momentum
  10. 10. | 10 How Can Skeptics Be Convinced? Educate buyers early. Use analogies for those who have difficulty grasping abstract concepts. Progress doesn’t have to look “finished”. Deliverables are mile markers toward goals. If you aren’t measuring often, you’re often not evolving with your market.
  11. 11. | 11 Market Validation 93% Of CMOs who employ Agile practices say their speed to market for ideas, campaigns, and products has improved. (Forbes/CMG Partners) Of senior execs agree that "organizational agility" is essential to achieve digital transformation. (Achieving Greater Agility, Forbes Insights, 2017) Of CMOs said making the switch to Agile helped them deliver a better product that’s more relevant to their end user. (Forbes/CMG Partners) Of 100k international surveyed software developers use Agile in their work. (Developer Survey Results, Stack Overflow, 2018) 80%84%86%
  12. 12. | 12 Agile Agency Model
  13. 13. | 13 Reality ● Iterate until budget is consumed. ● Detailed planning at start ensures alignment. ● Demo-able progress at end of each sprint. Doing This Right? Textbook ● No detailed plan before starting. ● Iterate until Stakeholder requirements are met. ● Demo-able software at end of each sprint. VS
  14. 14. | 14 We’re building a house with features that are constantly being improved based on the needs of the resident.
  15. 15. | 15 Agile Roles & Stakeholders Educate newbies Ensure everyone understands their responsibilities Clarify roles early and often Product Owner Digital Strategist ScrumMaster Project Manager Team & Stakeholders Design/Development Client Stakeholders
  16. 16. | 16 Reduce Communication Chaos Identify Stakeholder Backups Facilitating Communication is Key Teach Effective Documentation
  17. 17. | 17 Initiative Must-haves Client-signed sprint plan and demo approvals Open, intentional communication Retrospectives & optimization
  18. 18. | 18 Agile’s Impact on Mediacurrent
  19. 19. | 19 Increased Deal Flow Less time for SOW preparation. Requirements gathering and estimation isn’t painstakingly detailed. Reduced engagement risk. Conducive to long-term relationships.
  20. 20. | 20 Waterfall ● Fixed fee ● Long planning cycle ● Variable revenue ● Intense resource planning ● Disproportionate risk ● Directionally bound Agile ● Short planning cycles ● No overburn ● Even resource and financial forecasting ● Recurring revenue ● Consistent communication ● Spend more, get more Better Cash Flow Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun RISK Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
  21. 21. | 21 Production Team Likes Agile More Work is validated earlier and often. Less guesswork related to direction and expectations. Tasks are carved out in smaller chunks.
  22. 22. | 22 Impact on Marketing Reduced Risk Increase Speed to Market The Ability to Say “Yes, but…” Transparency in Marketing & Other Teams Rapid Testing
  23. 23. | 23 Impact on Marketing VS Research Write Design Idea MVPReview Iterate Iterative Content Production
  24. 24. | 24 Agile Can Go Sideways
  25. 25. | 25 Agile Won’t Work When... ● There’s an unequipped client. ● Stakeholders are missing. ● KPI’s don’t exist. ● Too many projects per team member. ● Unclear project scope. ● The agency can’t take off the catcher’s mitt.
  26. 26. | 26 How Agile Can Change the Agency
  27. 27. | 27 Agile Changes the Game Creating more revenue capacity Swimming upstream Not just a “shop” Predictability Speed to market Morale Transparency
  28. 28. | 28 Pivoting Your Agency to Agile
  29. 29. | 29 ● Assign Product Owner and Scrum Master roles. ● Asses and update job descriptions and career paths. ● Jumpstart the pivot with certifications and continuing education. Aligning Roles ?
  30. 30. | 30 Create a Measurement Culture ● Understand your client’s revenue model. ● Think beyond pretty design and cool tech stacks. ● Define requirements that are based on business problems. Photo by from Pexels
  31. 31. | 31 The Agile Toolset ● Scrum PM tools ● Delivery tools (IDEs, design software, strategy) Marketing DevelopmentStrategy Redefining Contract Services Terms
  32. 32. | 32Photo from Green Bay Packers - Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. —Vince Lombardi
  33. 33. Thank you! @Mediacurrent @Mediacurrent