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Colors of the wind

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Colors of the wind

  1. 1. Colors of the Wind Every day, countless homosexuals are both accepted and rejected due to their sexual preference. Now, this can over time lead to depression, poor health, and pretty much any symptom under the sun related to not being accepted by society. In the workplace, this pain can be especially poignant because it is within an environment where everyone should feel safe and able to do their best work on the job. Work is for work, not for controversial social issues. When pushed far enough, many people resort to their form of help, and for some, that means drug addiction or alcoholism. When someone’s self esteem is suffering from certain drawbacks, it is important to remember to get the kind of help that can someday bring you permanently out of the dark and into a place where you feel and are loved and accepted. It is not a solution to resort to self annihilating behavior like drug, alcohol, or any other kind of abuse. For Mediscreen, our only job is to screen employees for drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Onsite drug and alcohol screening makes this process very easy and simple to do. This is true, especially for you, our client. Unfortunately, there can be many reasons for needing your employees tested, not the least of which is personal problems arising from complicated situations like homosexuality in today’s society. There must be more acceptance and reason exercised when dealing with situations like this. Many people resort to drug abuse or other forms of self abuse when they are not able to feel adequate either at work or at home. This creates no safe place where they can feel at home and ready to go off to work every day. It’s like being trapped outside of your own life. The need for drug and alcohol testing in today’s society is indicative of many personal problems which humanity has been dealing with for some time now. Let us help you receive the information you need about potential employee substance abuse. We can give you the best in onsite drug and alcohol screening that is offered in Australia. This article has been taken from :