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Designing services for the enterprise

Service Design typically looks at customer relationships outside the organization, yet a growing body of work is showing the value of service design when applied to the fundamental services that exist within an organization. Internal service units such as IT, HR, Finance and Procurement are ripe for reinvention, and Service Design is an ideal toolkit to approach the task.

This talk will look at how the notion of ‘customer-centredness’ is impacting internal business functions, and the role Service Design can take in reinventing these traditional, siloed functions.

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Designing services for the enterprise

  1. 1. Designing services for the enterprise JannaDeVylder @jdevylder
  2. 2. Every organisation delivers a service
  3. 3. No matter the size
  4. 4. How are you enabling them?
  5. 5. Why design internal services? Which internal services? How is it the same/different from customer services?
  6. 6. Why design internal services?
  7. 7. Which internal services?
  8. 8. Human resources Sales support IT Finance Procurement Property
  9. 9. How is it the same/different from customer services?
  10. 10. What services enable your organisation to deliver service to your customers?
  13. 13. JannaDeVylder @jdevylder THANKYOU!