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Integrating with Einstein Analytics

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Einstein Analytics (previously known as Wave Analytics) allows developers to not only create analytics applications, but also to create application templates that allow end-users to create their own analytics applications based on your master app. You, the developer, can define parameters and rules as part of the template, allowing the end-user to customize the app to their requirements. This Dreamforce 2017 session explains how to use Analytics Templates and the Analytics External Data API to automate the ingest of data from outside the platform, manipulating datasets and dataflows to provide a seamless experience for the user.

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Integrating with Einstein Analytics

  1. 1. Integrating with Einstein Analytics, @metadaddy Pat Patterson, Community Champion at StreamSets
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  3. 3. Pat Patterson Community Champion @metadaddy
  4. 4. Agenda Einstein Analytics Basics • Datasets, dataflows, lenses, dashboards Integrating with Einstein Analytics via API • External Data API, SAQL Queries Creating Analytics Applications • Templates, Packaging
  5. 5. Example Application : Transaction Analysis
  6. 6. Simple App: Transaction Analysis We’re going to be working with: • Transaction Data • Timestamps, Amounts, Payment Type etc • Periodic Uploads via API • Dashboard showing KPIs
  7. 7. Einstein Analytics Basics
  8. 8. Dataset A set of source data • Formatted and optimized for interactive exploration • Denormalized, highly compressed • Comprises Date, Dimension & Measure fields Create from • Salesforce data • External Sources • CSV Upload • API • Dataflow The foundation for lenses, dashboards, apps
  9. 9. Dataflow A set of JSON instructions that runs to extract data and create datasets Composed of transformation nodes • sfdcDigest, edgemart • append, augment, computeExpression, computeRelative, delta, dim2mea, filter, flatten, sliceDataset, update • sfdcRegister Create via JSON definition file or Dataflow Editor Start/stop/monitor/schedule via UI Internal API to list/get/put/start
  10. 10. Lens Interactive query • Point-and-click • SAQL Wide variety of charts, plus tables Great for exploring data Basis for building dashboards
  11. 11. Dashboard Continuously monitor key metrics of your business, analyzing the results by key dimensions Comprises charts, tables Can include filters to allow data exploration
  12. 12. Integrating with Einstein Analytics via API
  13. 13. SAQL Salesforce Analytics Query Language Used to access data in Analytics Datasets Used internally in lenses and dashboards to gather data for visualizations Submit SAQL queries via the Analytics REST API, Dashboard/Lens JSON definition q = load "streamsets_wave__Taxi"; q = filter q by 'payment_type' == "CRD"; q = group q by 'credit_card_type'; q = foreach q generate 'credit_card_type' as 'credit_card_type', count() as 'count'; q = order q by 'count' desc; q = limit q 2000;
  14. 14. Analytics REST API Execute queries, manipulate Analytics resources and metadata Run Query: • POST /services/data/v40.0/wave/query { "query” : "q = load "0Fb36000000LJM6CAO/0Fc36000002rEJhCAM"; q = foreach q generate total_amount as total_amount; q = order q by total_amount desc; q = limit q 10;” } Manipulate Dataset: • GET/DELETE/PATCH{ID}
  15. 15. Analytics External Data API Asynchronous API, leveraging SObjects • Create InsightsExternalData, InsightsExternalDataPart via REST or SOAP • Data in InsightsExternalDataPart.DataFile as Base64-encoded CSV • Set InsightsExternalData.Action to Process to start job • Poll InsightsExternalData.Status to monitor job completion Payload is CSV medallion hack_license vendor_id payment_type fare_amount surcharge F6F7D02179BE915B23EF2DB57836442D 088879B44B80CC9ED43724776C539370 VTS CRD 12 0.5 BE386D8524FCD16B3727DCF0A32D9B25 4EB96EC9F3A42794DEE233EC8A2616CE VTS CRD 12 0.5 E9FF471F36A91031FE5B6D6228674089 72E0B04464AD6513F6A613AABB04E701 VTS CRD 5.5 0.5 89D227B655E5C82AECF13C3F540D4CF4 BA96DE419E711691B9445D6A6307C170 CMT CSH 6.5 0 0BD7C8F5BA12B88E0B67BED28BEA73D8 9FD8F69F0804BDB5549F40E9DA1BE472 CMT CSH 6 0.5 0BD7C8F5BA12B88E0B67BED28BEA73D8 9FD8F69F0804BDB5549F40E9DA1BE472 CMT CSH 5.5 1 DFD2202EE08F7A8DC9A57B02ACB81FE2 51EE87E3205C985EF8431D850C786310 CMT CSH 5 0.5
  16. 16. Bonus: Insights Internal API Officially undocumented, but used in open source Analytics Cloud DatasetUtils List dataflows, get/put dataflow JSON, run dataflow programmatically! RESTful interface, JSON payload Use at your own risk! Get/Update Dataflow JSON: • GET/PATCH{ID}/json Run Dataflow: • PUT{ID}/start
  17. 17. Creating Analytics Applications
  18. 18. Creating Analytics Applications Analytics App is a container for other assets: Lenses, Dashboards, Datasets etc Prebuilt apps from Salesforce • Sales Analytics • Service Analytics Create your own • One-off • Master app for a template
  19. 19. Analytics Template Master app defines the template Template contains dashboards, lenses, datasets, and, optionally, dataflows • At least one dashboard, and at least one dataset • Your integration can access these resources via APIs – for example add more datasets and run dataflows Analytics Template assets control templatization of master app • template-info.json, variables.json, ui.json & folder.json
  20. 20. Analytics Template Gotchas You must use Workbench and either the IDE or Migration Tool • JSON template assets are accessed via the Metadata API • Skip Sauls has written a utility that helps! You cannot include external datasets in your template • You will get a cryptic ‘EdgemartData null not found’ error message when you try to create an app • If necessary, create a dummy dataset from CSV
  21. 21. Packaging Your Application Similar to packaging any other app • Setup | Create | Packages Select the Wave Template only • It’s tempting to select the master app, dataflow, datasets etc, but doing so will cause errors when you try to install the package! Test, test and test!
  22. 22. Conclusion
  23. 23. Conclusion Einstein Analytics is a platform for third-party innovation There are some rough edges, but it is evolving quickly Read the Analytics Template documentation carefully – here be dragons!
  24. 24. Resources Einstein Analytics Developer Center • Analytics REST API Developer Guide • us.bi_dev_guide_rest.meta/bi_dev_guide_rest/bi_resources_query.htm Analytics SAQL Reference • us.bi_dev_guide_saql.meta/bi_dev_guide_saql/bi_saql_intro.htm External Data API Developer Guide • us.bi_dev_guide_ext_data.meta/bi_dev_guide_ext_data/bi_ext_data_overview.htm EADX_Samples Package •