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Guitars of Paracho, Mexico

Guitars of Paracho, Mexico; Art Education; Elementary Art

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Guitars of Paracho, Mexico

  1. 1. Art of Mexico Paracho, Michoacán
  2. 2. The Facts:  Mexico is the 2nd richest country in Latin America.  Mexico is also in 2nd place as the county with the most poor in Latin America.  This means that there is an unbalanced distribution of wealth. A few people in Mexico are extremely rich, while many people continue to live in poverty.
  3. 3. The Facts:  Current figures estimate that at least 44.2% of the population lives under poverty.  53.4% of the rural population (people living in the country) and 36.2% of the urban population (people living in big cities) have education below the 7th grade.  18.9% of the rural population and 8.9% of the urban population lacks any form of formal education.
  4. 4. Mexico Paracho, Mic hoacán
  5. 5. Paracho, Michoacán  In an effort to escape poverty, artisans in the city of Paracho have been handcrafting guitars for over 100 years.  There are more guitar makers in the small city of Paracho (population: 30,000) than in the entire United States (population: 313,900,000)!  It can take up to 70 hours to handcraft a single guitar!
  6. 6. Video Clips  Iy9O8g  23dGaQ