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Audience profile research

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Audience profile research

  1. 1. Audience profile By miariam isharet
  2. 2. What is your gender? The data shows that there are more females that had done this questionnaire. This indicates that by having done the questionnaires the music magazine should be slightly targeted towards the females as their were a fewer males participation but it should relate to the males because a niche amount of males participated. females males
  3. 3. How old are you? From this data I had found out that most people who did the questionnaires were the ages of 16-20. this shows that the music magazines are mainly popular with this age group and the music magazine should be relevant to them .Also the music magazine should be relevant towards the age group of 21-25 because there were quite a few individuals from that age group. 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 40+
  4. 4. What is your ethnic background? The data shows that their was more Pakistani British participants but there was a balance with the other ethnicity. However their was no white Irish or afro Caribbean , which shows that when creating the music magazine it wouldn’t relate to them as they are not interested in this genres of magazines. white british white irish black british black afro caribean asian british indian british pakistani british other
  5. 5. What music genre would you say you like? By looking at the data it shows us that the most popular genre that is listened would be pop and due that reason I am going to be base my music magazine on pop as it a genre that is well listened to and is most popular. Another reason is because everyone knows pop and is familiar with the artists in that genre and it would appeal more to them than if you did another genre that wasn’t listened to at all such as indie which is shown from the data. The least favourite genres of music are rock , classical , folk country and indie. pop r&b rap indie dance rock rap classical folk country
  6. 6. An overview of the audience for pop • Age group would be 16-20 and the gender would be a mixture of males and females. They would be unemployed and would be students. • The audience for the music magazine would be interested in the genre of pop as they would be creative people like the artists within the genre and they would fit into the sterotype of the genre pop.