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Ai Xuan2

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Ai Xuan is a naturalistic painter whose scenes usually present lone children in vistas of Tibetan landscape. A member of the Chinese Artists' Association, Ai is also a full professor at the Beijing Painting Institute, and co-founder of the China Realists group. Born in 1947, Ai lives and works in Beijing.

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Ai Xuan2

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Ai Xuan is a naturalistic painter born 1947 in Hebei province, whose scenesusually present lone children in vistas of Tibetan landscape. A member of theChinese Artists Association, Ai is also a full professor at the Beijing PaintingInstitute, and co-founder of the China Realists group.In 1987, Ai spent a year in the United States, serving as a visiting professorat Oklahoma City University. While there he met with several noted Westernartists and hosted his own solo exhibition. Ai also travelled to Great Britain toparticipate in an auction organized to raise funds for renovation of the GreatWall of China.In Ai Xuans paintings, two subjects predominate: children and the snowylandscape of Tibet. The image is of tranquility and empty space. The crease inthe leather and fur coat, the withered grass in the snow form the details ofrealism. But the space framed by the outline of the human figure in the distanthorizon forms a certain symbol. In Ai Xuans art, this symbol is achieved by thedescription of human figures and landscape, colour contrast and curve ofoutline, and the relationship between them.Ai Xuan visited Tibet many times and, attracted by the landscape, he paintedthe people and the land. One winters day Xuan received a sudden shock, afeeling of helplessness and loneliness in the snowy wilderness. From that timeon, Tibetan people and landscape took on new meaning in his paintings. He leftthe traditional realism of his earlier works and approached the world ofBuddhism and Zen. Ai Xuans well-drawn figure outlines fill his work with thecharm of Chinese classical art; transparent colours make the painting echowith the rhythm of nature
  3. 3. Not knowing tomorrows windSharing a SecretChristies - Price Realized $ 745,895 (29 May 2011)
  4. 4. North wind
  5. 5. White fog dropping off 2005
  6. 6. Weed joggling in the wind
  7. 7. Wasterland in Deep Autumn (2008)
  8. 8. Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom
  9. 9. Cold desert 2006
  10. 10. Big Snow Mountain 2006
  11. 11. The Sacred Mountain
  12. 12. Lost in Wasteland
  13. 13. Singing leaves away from me
  14. 14. Thin snow came in midnightWasteland 2005
  15. 15. Call of distant mountain 1996
  16. 16. Dandelion flows in Wasteland
  17. 17. Gaze 1994
  18. 18. Breeze 2011 (69x86,5)
  19. 19. February of Amuke Alley 2004A Cool Wind Sweeps Across An Icy Plain
  20. 20. Autumn Day (expect in autumn) 2001. Christies Price Realized($499,369) 27.11.2010
  21. 21. Hell and Gone singing 2006 (110x110)
  22. 22. Melting marchHorizon 2005 (90x90)
  23. 23. Tibetan Girl
  24. 24. Quiet freezon earth area 1992
  25. 25. Unknown song from far 2005Wastelands
  26. 26. Tibetan Girl 2002
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