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Cat & Art 9

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“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”
― Ernest Hemingway

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Cat & Art 9

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Elin Kleopatra Danielson-Gambogi(Finnish painter, 1861-1919)Woman with Cats 1861
  3. 3. Daniel F. Gerhartz (born inWisconsin in 1965)
  4. 4. Oleksandr Melnykov was born in1959 near Moscow (Russia). Heis graduated in the High Schoolof Arts of Odessa and in theNational Academy of Kiev.Мельников АлександрАнатольевичOleksandr Melnykov
  5. 5. Oleksandr Melnykov
  6. 6. Francine de Van Hove(b.1942 Paris)The illustrator andcontemporary painterFrancine Van Hove paintsgentle, sensuous portraits ofwomen in day-to-day poses.
  7. 7. Francine de Van Hove (b.1942 Paris)Francine de Van Hove (b.1942 Paris)Le chat bleu
  8. 8. Francine de Van Hove Francine de Van Hove Affiche de lexposition 1993
  9. 9. Francine de Van HoveChampagne
  10. 10. Francine de Van Hove(b.1942 Paris)
  11. 11. Giampaolo Ghisettiborn in 1944 in Venice, Italy
  12. 12. Giampaolo Ghisetti
  13. 13. Heinrich Vogeler (1872–1942)Mädchen mit Katze-1914Heinrich Maria Davringhausen(1894 – 1970),Der Lustmörder (The Ripper), 1917
  14. 14. Igor Samsonov, Born 1963, Voronezh, RussiaErendira Igor Samsonov, Born 1963, Voronezh, Russia The family
  15. 15. Imre Gergely (1868 – 1914, Hungarian) Girl with a cat Imre Gergely (1868 – 1914, Hungarian) Girl with cat
  16. 16. The Museum of Russian Art 1882 ivan Kramskoy (1837 – 1887)Ina Collienader (1905-1985)1954 Cat andChairAteneum Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland.
  17. 17. Heidi Shaulis, Vermont artistCharlie reading
  18. 18. Heidi Shaulis, Vermont artistPurrfect Fit Heidi Shaulis, Vermont artist Tuxedo kitten
  19. 19. Heidi Shaulis, Vermont artist Heidi Shaulis, Vermont artist Charlie and Willy III
  20. 20. Irene Sheri was born in thecity of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky,Ukraine in 1968. Her diverseheritage probably makes herone of the brightest exampleof a new breed of inter-culturalartists emerging from a"Europe without borders".A mix of Bulgarian andFrench, she was born andraised in the Ukrainian city ofOdessa, where cultures freelymixed, making Odessa one ofthe most colorful, bright andmultinational cities in theworld.Irene SheriEvening Venice
  21. 21. Irene Sheri Cat LoverDreams
  22. 22. Irene SheriForever Eve
  23. 23. Irene Sheri
  24. 24. Irene Sheri - Red Summer
  25. 25. Irene Sheri Warm homeIrene Sheri White cat
  26. 26. Jean Jacques Bachelier(1724-1846)White angora cat chasing a butterflyMusée Lambinet, Versailles
  27. 27. Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725 –1805)The Wool Winder, Circa 1759The Frick Collection
  28. 28. Irina Kalentieva was born on 1965.In 1982 she began her studies atCheboksary Art college and completedher degree in 1986.In 1988 she attended the Academy ofSt.-Petersburg of Arts of Repin.She has chosen a classic method ofpainting to be her personal style.
  29. 29. Irina Kalentieva (1965)
  30. 30. Irina Kalentieva
  31. 31. Irina Kalentieva (b.1965)
  32. 32. Isabel Crooke Ellison (1940)Gatomaquia
  33. 33. Isabel Crooke EllisonIsabel Crooke Ellison (1940)Gatomaquia
  34. 34. Concierto para gatoCercamica esmaltada Isabel Crooke Ellison (1940)Isabel Crooke Ellison Gato noveux papel mache
  35. 35. Isabel Crooke EllisonSerie de gatos – tinta china y acuarela
  36. 36. Isabel Crooke EllisonDama con gatoBogotá 2007Joanna ZjawinskaDont you come messing with my world, 2008
  37. 37. Joanna Zjawinska was born inPoland. She earned her in 1972 from theSchool of Architecture inWarsaw.Joanna ZjawinskaYou should feel that under theright conditions all women wouldbe available, 2009
  38. 38. Fernand Léger (French, 1881–1955) La femme au chat, 19552007 Christies London
  39. 39. Text & pictures : Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors. Arangement: Sanda FoişoreanuSound: Mahalia Jackson - I have a Friend