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Getting The Most Out Of Mind Mapping

This is an overview of a presentation that I delivered for David Allen's GTD Connect community. It introduces the concept of information mapping, reviews the history of visual thinking, provides the basic steps & guidelines to create a mind map, explains the differences between mapping by hand and software, and concludes with 10 ways to apply mapping to GTD and beyond to increase your overall productivity and effectiveness.

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Getting The Most Out Of Mind Mapping

  1. 1. A GTD® Connect Special Presentation
  2. 2. Maps: defined generally as a representation of the whole or a part of an area… They visualize arrangements, distribution, or sequences…
  3. 3. Mind Map Mind maps refer to hand-drawn diagrams that represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.
  4. 4. MindManager Maps MindManager and other software based maps are interactive diagrams that represent ideas, concepts and data, created by one or more people and/or systems, linked around a central theme.
  5. 5. Use size to show impact
  6. 6. Lines between topics reinforce associations
  7. 7. Images engage your mind!
  8. 8. The only ‘rule’ to follow is ‘break the rules and do what works for YOU!’
  9. 9. Drawing Maps: Versatility
  10. 10. Software Maps: Power & Reach
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