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Xipix Logistix Warehousing and Fulfillment

Xipix provides clients with a virtual back office and warehouse for pick, pack and ship services. We provide all the resources, equipment, personnel and high tech solutions of an enterprise company without the overhead. By outsourcing your fulfillment warehouse needs with Xipix your company will see a significant reduction in operational costs and create happy customers.

The all-in-one fulfillment solution built for small businesses. We’ve built everything you need into a single, well-oiled machine that automatically picks, packs and ships your orders so you can focus on your business.

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Xipix Logistix Warehousing and Fulfillment

  1. 1. right product • right place • right time
  2. 2. Xipix Supply Chain Management• Procurement• Kitting & Assembly• Fulfillment• Reverse Logistics• Customer Service
  3. 3. Currently Serving
  4. 4. ISO 9001:2008 Certified As a competitor in the global market, Xipix is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified through our parent company CDI Media. This assures you that we have the systems and procedures in place that directly impact the quality, efficiency and accuracy of our services. We are currently at a 99.93% accuracy rate.
  5. 5. FulfillmentReceive and Store Products From our receiving process to the confirmation of completed manifests we provide a professional and highly controlled environment. We get your product into inventory same day.
  6. 6. Fulfillment The way products are delivered to a customer can make all thePick, Pack & Ship difference to the profit picture. •Reduce shipping costs •Reduced packaging materials •Process & ship orders same day •Quality control •International shipping
  7. 7. Fulfill orders faster—and haveFulfillment happier customers—with a seamless business process fromSeamless Integration receiving to order processing to fulfillment. •Electronic data transfer •Shopping cart integration •Credit Card Processing •Customer notifications •Returns management
  8. 8. With Xipix’s dashboard app you’ll always know where yourFulfillment inventory, shipments and charges are – REAL TIME. DetailedDashboard Analytics reports give you a 360º view. •Inventory counts •Back order alerts •Orders to be shipped •Orders shipped •One click tracking •Order entry •Order modification
  9. 9. Fulfillment We manage customer interactions via phone, email andCustomer Service fax to provide an exceptional customer service experience regardless of the channel they choose. •Order taking •Returns processing •Damaged goods processing
  10. 10. While we offer a variety ofFulfillment services, we understand that you may be looking for somethingCustomization specific so we work with each of our clients to design the perfect fulfillment service to save them money. •Shipping confirmation •Customized packing slips •Personalized marketing fliers •Lot & serial number tracking
  11. 11. Xipix will manage the acquisition of parts and raw materials, fromSupply Chain Management purchasing to delivery. Our supply chain services include:Procurement •Sourcing •Warehousing •Kitting & assembly •Pick pack and ship •Distribution (B2B) •Fulfillment (B2C) •Print solutions •CD/DVD duplication & replication •Customer service
  12. 12. Xipix is equipped to handle a wide variety of kitting and assemble projects.Supply Chain Management We’ve got the equipment and the skilled labor force to handle any job quickly andKitting & Assembly cost effectively. We process millions of units per year. •Point of Purchase packing •Small parts assembly •Bagging •Labeling •Kit building •Folding •Sampling •Literature Collation •Quality Control •Refurbishing
  13. 13. Supply Chain ManagementPrint Solutions Working with Xipix’s printing department gives you access to our buying power. •Print management •Digital printing •Commercial printing •Promotional products (SWAG)
  14. 14. Supply Chain Management Xipix provides convention logisticConvention Logistics services to network marketing company’s and down line groups. We receive, store, pick and pack for your conventions. We arrange for return delivery of products not sold and re-stock all within our inventory management system.
  15. 15. Capacity Warehouse 104,000 sq ftXipix Specs Pallet Locations 3,200• ISO 9001:2008 certified Primary Pick 5,000• Temperature controlled Locations facility Daily Order 10,000+• Secured access controlled Capacity* and monitored Daily Pick 40,000+ Capacity* Overall Inventory 99.94% Accuracy * Scalable to meet customer needs
  16. 16. right product • right place • right time Toll Free: 855.GO XIPIX (469.4749)