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NovaTec Company Overview

Learn more about NovaTec in this short company overview

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NovaTec Company Overview

  1. 1. We lead projects to success For the entire world of software engineering.
  2. 2. Software-EngineeringWe roll up our sleeves to make IT happen! Not the journey is the reward but the project success. IT competence in software engineering We offer integrated software engin- eering: NovaTec experts provide competent support tailored to your needs from requirements manage- ment, analysis, concept and design to implementation and testing as well as operation and maintenance. 3
  3. 3. NovaTec ValuesWe master total quality – every time The foundation of NovaTec’s success Success needs a base. Great if it‘s very solid. Three pillars of success It is the combination of experience, competence and mentality which makes NovaTec that success- ful. We rely on it when we master IT projects: from analysis to design, implementation, installation and maintenance. This makes our service offerings unique. We not only have the ambition but also the competences and experience to implement IT pro- jects successfully. Put us to the test and challenge us. Experience for yourself how IT projects are brought to a successful conclusion. EXPERIENCE COMPETENCE MENTALITY IT projects rarely fail because Thorough know-how on methods In our home in southwestern of technology but rather be- and processes, optimum com- Germany people traditionally cause of a lack of experience munication and management work meticulously until they social competences. Since as well as maximum technical come up with quality solutions. 1993 we successfully provide know-how are the prerequisites The same is true for us. We services for a multitude of for successful implementation have a proven track record in customers from Germany and of complex IT projects. Our de- resolving challenging issues. around the globe. From our velopment processes are CMMI- experience we know how to certified leading to quality and run complex projects. security. 5
  4. 4. NovaTec Values Experience Competence Mentality Peace of mind is simply a great feeling Product Sprint Daily Scrum Potentially Shippable Backlog Backlog Meeting Product Increment Hours 24 Scrum is an agile frame- work that shines with simplicity. It enables 2–4 development of complex We eks IT solutions in a highly We maximize competences efficient manner. This reduces development while minimizing risk costs and times, and leads to better results. IT complexity is best mastered with IT competence. NovaTec offers certified professional Scrum courses in Germany and world wide.In our fast-paced times with their increasingly complex tasks the highest demands are made. We base development of software and IT systems generally on the principles ofWe meet this challenge. Our employee and management structure as well as our methods agile product development according to Scrum. Result orientation is paramount.provide a fertile ground for thriving strategy and technology competence, paired with dynam- In the development of customer-specific IT systems we work based on theics, efficiency and strong personal commitment. We are up-to-date, apply state-of-the-art Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) certification standards. This certificationtechno-logy and processes, but we also trust in proven methods. In short: we have the experi- underscores our standard of realizing reliable and successful processes.ence that leads to success. All these measures are aimed at maintaining a high level of know-how and competence while Nowhere else does ‚today‘ turn into ‚yesterday‘ as quickly as it does in the IT industry. at the same time minimizing your process risk. Our approach qualifies us to run demanding That‘s why we place exceptionally high value on the skill enhancement of our employees. IT projects whose complexity requires a comprehensive perspective. All this means certainty We work with numerous universities. By doing so we benefit from creative ideas and for you. can offer our customers innovative solutions. 7
  5. 5. NovaTec Values Experience Competence MentalityOur base: know-how and experience Our core competencies for your success. Enterprise Application Project Software Data Enterprise Business Application Performance Management Development Center Application Process Development Management Process Automation Integration Management High effectiveness, Performance is a Profound knowledge Implementation We provide processes Topics centered on When it comes to fast development, key success factor. about methods for and optimization of and technologies service-oriented ap- identification, design, ease of maintenance, We support you with planning, controlling software development for the automatic plications with focus documentation, excellent performance bespoke methods and leading is an es- processes in various provisioning and on the integration implementation, ma- and security as well from planning to sential success indi- companies and in- administration of IT aspect of enterprise nagement and impro- as stable opera- performance tests or cator for IT projects. dustries is one of our services. Consistent applications are a vement of business tions are a must for firefighting. Whether Using Scrum or PMI key skills. We know automated provisi- core competence. processes, we answer modern application we use commercial methodology we the problems and the oning of business- We know the tools technical questions systems. We deliver solutions or our own provide sustainable solutions. critical applications and are independent while keeping an eye them all. free tools: We safe- project success! positively impacts of individual vendors. on organizational guard, your applica- efficiency and econo- aspects. tion performance. my of operations. Profound specialist knowledge Our customers trust in our skills and in the know-how we have gathered over time. Profound and sound advice is what our specialist knowledge on one hand and social competence on the other are for us two sides of customers demand. NovaTec‘s the same coin when it comes to implementing complex IT projects. We have mastered both consultants are masters of their disciplines and continuously advance our know-how and methods since we know it is the only profession. We provide top of the way to lead IT projects to success. line people with top of the line know-how since we give every employees space for continious development.NovaTec headquarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. 9
  6. 6. NovaTec Values Experience Competence MentalityExperience pays Competence in various industries.Most often it is the soft, interpersonal factors, group-dynamic processes, poor flow of informationand lack of communication that cause projects to fail. But how to lead interdisciplinary ITprojects to success is normally not part of the university curriculum – and even if it was: thereis no substitute for practical experience. Every industry has its own rules and its own language.Only a company that has worked for several customers from a particular industry knows whatmakes it tick. As a result, processes run faster and there is a better mutual understanding. Allthat has positive effects on the outcome. Commerzbank, Coface Germany, Financial services Basler Insurance, PlanetHome and five more companies* “By far the VSA (clearing house of the pharmacies of best proof is Healthcare southern Germany), AZH (clearing house and experience.” IT service center for healthcare professionals) Sir Francis Bacon (1561–1626) Hamburg Süd (container shipping enterprise) Logistics English statesman and three more companies * and philosopher LFK (missile systems, Cassidian partner) Defense & Security and one more company * Hess Cash Systems, Daimler FleetBoard, Automotive & Industry SMS Siemag, Marquardt, Tognum and five NovaTec: supplier of highest quality through CMMI-certified development more companies * processes. DZBW (data center of state of Baden- Public sector Württemberg), Bedag (public administration IT service provider) and two more companies * Capgemini sd&m, IBM, Oracle, BG Phoenics, IT service provider Steria Mummert, ABIT, plenum, SF eBusiness Others food, fashion etc. *Please contact us for more information. 11
  7. 7. NovaTec Values Experience Competence MentalityWe love to make our customers happy Individual solutions according to customers needs.Case 01 Hamburg Süd. This logistics company is among the leading vendors of global Case 03 Daimler FleetBoard. The Daimler subsidiary is the market leader in Europe in commer-sea transports. The task: NovaTec was commissioned to make the global IT platform and cial vehicle telematics, and offers solutions for the electronic measuring of vehicle characteristics.application environment faster and more efficient. The task: Before market launch numerous and demanding test drives have to be conducted. NovaTec provides support for the development of an efficient electronic test system and the The result: The solution was to use ‚PurePath‘ transaction tracing technology from corresponding test management tool. dynaTrace. Through extensive test analyses performance problems were to precisely identified and fixed. Even higher performance was achieved despite highest require- The result: Customer expectations were met and partially exceeded. Future innovations can ments complexity. be introduced faster, more eco-friendly and in a more cost-effective way.Case 02 DZBW (Data center of state of Baden-Württemberg) is a leading software Case 04 Marquardt, the specialist for switches, sensors and control systems, offers cutting-edgedevelopment company for the public sector. The task: NovaTec was awarded the contract technology that serves as the link between user and device. The task: The internationally operatingfor modernization of the citizens‘ registry administration software after an open invitation to mid-sized company was using numerous CAD applications at its offices and required optimizationtender. NovaTec heads the specialist teams, develops project planning, provides support for of the licensing situation.quality assurance, and undertakes development of large parts of the application. The result: NovaTec had the ideal answer for Marquardt with its inCharge® licencse manage- ment solution. Optimized use and capacity utilisation of the CAD applications resulted in The result: The improved software is on schedule and will be introduced as planned. a significant drop in licensing and maintenance costs. In addition, the solution established Initial use cases were received with great acclaim. logical cost transparency for all users. 13
  8. 8. NovaTec Values Experience Competence MentalityAgile, thinking laterally and humane Our consistency leads to your success. We welcome impossible missions “It is not important to have principles per se, but rather to have the right ones. The NovaTec principle: Customer success.” Dipl.-Ing. Albrecht Stäbler Managing Partner and CEO of NovaTec GmbHThe German federal state of Baden-Württemberg is more than just the birthplace of theautomobile. Here is where the first factory for solar cells was built and various innovationsin the computing sector take place. Baden-Württemberg is the state of hidden champions,companies that are global market leaders in their fields. It continues to be at the forefront ofresearch in Europe.All this is the result of the mentality of the people in the very region where we have our head-quarters. People around here love precision. People here keep their word and life‘s motto is„better is the enemy of good“. If there is a problem, people roll up their sleeves and solve it.There is no stopping before a solution is found.‚No can do‘ does not exist – this is our motto as well. As a self-confident, independent andcritical yet loyal IT service provider we don‘t rely on technological experiments, but rathermake a sincere and sustainable commitment to innovative, future-proof and practicalsolutions – consistent, competent and customer-oriented. 15
  9. 9. ProductSoftware for your requirements Perfection down to the last detail. We transform individual solutions into productsIn the way we concentrate on industries in order to be able to optimize our services specifically for automaIT® Meta tool for automated IT service provisioningthe needs of our customers, we also focus on our core competences in the development of our soft- Usually IT services and systems are installed manually because automation tools are not flexibleware products. We take great care to make sure our products not only meet the customer‘s require- enough to be able to provide all kinds of applications. Cloud computing requires customer-specificments as a whole but also in every detail as well. customization on one hand and an maximum degree of automation on the other. The customer- driven, agile product development automaIT® provides precisely that.inCharge® management and utilization analysis of software licenses More information is available at: www.automaIT.euCosts for software licenses can add up quickly – with inCharge® you can cut these costs dramati-cally. inCharge® is the professional software solution that lets you monitor, manage, and evaluate inspectIT® lean tool for application performance monitoringyour license inventory centrally, meeting compliance requirements. inCharge® can lower license Anyone determined to solve a problem must first know its cause. inspectIT®, a Java monitoring tool,procurement and maintenance costs while at the same time preventing license bottlenecks. provides the capability to continuously monitor the performance of Java applications, and offersMore information is available at: deep insights into functional interconnections. The standard version is free! More information at: 17
  10. 10. Company We unite theory Always slightly ahead of the times and practice To be able to always offer our customers the optimal solution, we have formed comprehensive strategic partnerships with several IT companies – such as for example the most important vendors of SOA software suites or, as in the case of codecentric, in the area of applica- tion performance monitoring. We are also certified partner of dynaTrace Consulting and a referral partner with a trainers license. As partner of we are the first vendor of professional Scrum courses in German. Of course we offer our Scrum courses in English as well. For AppDynamics we are the exclusive reseller in the Middle East and Asia region. All these alliances and partnerships ultimately benefit our customers. We work closely together with numerous universities to ensure that our technology and methods always reflect the latest standards. This benefits both parties. Our employees introduce real-life IT challenges and mesh them with the theoretical foundations of uni- versity education. In return, we have the opportunity to meet young talents, support them during lectures, internships, bachelor‘s and master‘s theses and to excite them about the prospect of one day working for us. At the same time this let us identify new trends at an early stage, incorporate them into everyday life and this way shape technological progress.Since being established in 1993, NovaTec has äble tablish 3 ectI ® and Toget hips w stabli ps be d in-hou evelopm 02 0 ics t pr tware Lein ion men for sof an bers gen ion ent insp ch of Sch Brenn vaTec 996 es t rSoft h Borl es lope produ ent of sses en Stu re cod nal pa ) offic om oce busine cedur 2003 join d Mich H einf s curre Cinco , Nov t to ich rt ntri tnersh and ls ael n-E t locat , y 5 part compa Partne 997 nam h elop s and s ng on G in y divis 7 dev office r open ed mem as ion of S the Jed al exp 011 nd e ® a et laun 08 and m 199 T aSp 201 it 200 og 200 ttga b e m ss: con mode twa sh rshi feld in a lishing e m tion a 20 ip w 20 Gm ding aTec ans s bia Kingd Mun gembeen an owner-managed company. Totally untypi- c rdin 1 oce 1 2 e of i sult pDy ana chte Nov ecal for our times, the company does without dept nd a ( and furt d estab eng lbrech any es d is n orm autom t in ny e n dah it c/Ap se nd men er a first duct d lenu hnol k ion o Marcapital and has done so since the beginning. r dN foun l Ara /Ma t St Pro anc ode elde mA rnat p of p he tec art r n Com ente elop eve s-D ename o it harg n F tion a ProWell over 140 employees work at our head- he ners inte audi ring ece uch Inte dev io The lica Data c r rank rnat inC perf of t g of dur inee ietequarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near in L a r pok line of A mov offic certific The y is ndin tion tionStuttgart as well as in our locations in pan e pr es i Han uisi Fou New MI ComMunich, Frankfurt/Main and Jeddah in Acq app CM besthe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 19
  11. 11. Stuttgart HeadquartersNovaTec Ingenieure für neueInformationstechnologien GmbHDieselstraße 18/170771 Leinfelden-EchterdingenGermanyFrankfurt/Main Office Munich Office Jeddah OfficeFriedrich-Ebert-Anlage 36 Landsberger Straße 439 Ahmad Ibn Jabir St.60325 Frankfurt am Main 81241 München Jeddah 22246Germany Germany Saudi Arabia GPS Coordinates: 21.486398 39.229243