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Behavioral Storytelling: Social Content Strategy

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A perspective on how to structure content strategy for integrated social campaigns as well as alway-on content marketing. First you'll see the structure, then the practical examples of how larger brands activate audiences. Largely, it's about understanding the audience, and then designing for specific behavioral outcomes where the purchase or event happens at the right time in the story to make the audience the hero.

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Behavioral Storytelling: Social Content Strategy

  1. Behavioral Storytelling Social Content Strategy Michael Leis @mleis
  2. @mleis What We’re Covering Today Brand Strategy Brand Purpose Brand Setting Heuristics Personas / Segmentation Research, Platform Prioritization Playbook Content Strategy Campaign Structure Participation Framework Creative Strategy Content writing and design Intelligence Key Performance Indicators Action-oriented Metrics
  3. Download With a Tweet Share a new perspective on social with your colleagues and friends! Visit
  4. @mleis Two Gurus of Social Content Strategy Shakespeare Constant Comms Aristotle Integrated Campaigns
  5. @mleis Integrated Campaigns Aristotle Poetics Every story has a beginning, middle and end
  6. Act 1 Act 2 Conflict TV: Misunderstanding, Disappointment
  7. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Conflict Soap Operas: Slow Progress, Heightened Conflict
  8. Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Conflict Movies: Hope and Achievement
  9. @mleis When Did Marketing Forget About Storytelling? The Surprise Party Launch Sustain Buzz Two Popular Models: The Movie Premiere Tease Launch
  10. @mleis Classic Narrative Arc Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Introduce the characters What’s their goal? How will they achieve it? False solution Conflict and clues What stands in our hero’s path to achievement? How do we reveal that path? Resolution Someone dies Achievement or disappointment
  11. @mleis Make the Audience The Hero Act 3 Resolution The hero achieves Climax Launch or purchase End The desired behavioral outcome
  12. @mleis Surprise Guest! Jakob Nielsen
  13. @mleis The Participation Inequality Law 1%of people will create and drive mass awareness 9%will rate, comment, and share 90%will watch the 10% and mimic that behavior
  14. @mleis Behavioral Story Structure 1% 9% 90% Invite Enable influencers to create within brand guidelines Reward Create opportunities for voting, comments Celebrate Launch Event Amplify and reflect positive behaviors with generated content
  15. @mleis Invite
  16. @mleis Reward
  17. @mleis Celebrate TIMES SQUARESUNSET STRIP
  18. @mleis Tactical Mapping 1% 9% 90% Invite Enable influencers to create within brand guidelines Reward Create opportunities for voting, comments Celebrate Amplify and reflect positive behaviors with generated content Midnight launch event Blogger outreach Tweet-off RT contest Tweet-off Winner Facebook sponsored event invites Exclusive content QR scan Posts in Times Square and sunset strip Augmented reality: posts on cups Follow the truck to the winner Promoted Trend
  19. @mleis Results • Broke Twitter Campaign Engagement Record • Increased Facebook Fan Acquisition Velocity 207% • Positive sentiment from 74% to 95% • Most absurd stat: 12,793% increase in product conversation
  20. @mleis The Constant Comms Team Dinner Account Director Writer Community Manager Community Manager Strategist Analyst Producer
  21. @mleis Followers Know What You Sell Shakespeare The play’s the thing “Social media is people having conversations to make decisions.” -Not Shakespeare
  22. The Job Of Brands In Social: To facilitate conversations between people by writing and designing for them
  23. @mleis Who is Your Audience? Look at their profiles, identify patterns in content
  24. @mleis Identity Components
  25. @mleis Identity Components How they want to be perceived
  26. @mleis Identity Components How they want to be perceived Who they are
  27. @mleis Identity Components How they want to be perceived Who they are How they interact
  28. @mleis Participation Mix Report/Ask Reply Reflect Curate Share Planned editorial covering the beat of the brand, designed to spark conversation. Responding to people and facilitating longer conversation (not customer service). Waving at the Jumbotron! RT, share from the community (fan of the day/week) to itself. Shape writing and conversation based on audience patterns. You know more about the audience than they know about themselves. What data and content can you collect and cull on their behalf to help them? Give back what you find out about the audience through the above mix.
  29. @mleis Effective Content Patterns
  30. @mleis Reflection
  31. @mleis Facilitation, Representation
  32. @mleis How We Make Digital Friends Social Networks Social Bookmarks Finding people with common personality traits and strengthening friendships with content Finding / curating content and finding / strengthening friendships through personality similarities
  33. @mleis These people don’t necessarily know each other Brands help everyone through curation And gain valuable insights about the kinds of content people use to represent their best selves to the friends that help them make purchase decisions.
  34. @mleis Participation Priority and Workflow Yammer Reporting/ Sharing Monitor/ Reply Traditional Curating Google Reader CampaignsEvents Pinterest Twitter Facebook Wikipedia YouTube Forums Constant Daily A s Needed Blogs Sponsorship
  35. @mleis Building The Calendar • How does your audience represent themselves? What do they like to talk about? • What should happen at the end of the month, each week? • What major milestones or holidays need to be celebrated with your audience? • What have you curated in metrics or content that you can share? • You should have to edit down from here.
  36. Thank You! Questions? @mleis