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Football federico


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Football federico

  1. 1. American football is a sport team which was born in the USA . The National Football League was the professional league with more audience . The football championship are held in various parts of the world . In the USA it has been in the National Football League since 1922 . In the United States spread rugby that originated from the American Football . In 1880 Whalter Camp introduced the grid for the start of each game.
  2. 2. Matches are played by two teams with eleven players head . The most important role is played by the quarterback with its launches should help the team win .The games lasts 60 minutes divided into four times 15 minutes each . The range consist of 2 doors that are located at the ends of the playing field . The lines which indicate Yards are arranged transversely to the field and the ball used is oval .
  3. 3. scopo The aim of the game is to conquer the territory : advancig on several occasions on the lines players must reach the goal of opponents, put the ball and score the touchdown . The ultimate goal is to achieve more points than the opposing team . Points can be scored by players in attack by kicking the ball over the end zone between the two poles that mark the goal (field goal ) . Even the defenders can achive points , blocking the movements of opponents in their area of half or bringing the ball into touchdowns . The Kick-off is done at the beginning of the two times and after each signature . Attempts to reach the goal are called «downs» . The beginning of the action is when the ball is passed from the center to the quarterback . The ball can move in two ways , led by a player in the running or launched forward with a pass .
  4. 4. Roles 1.Center : he is the player who is at the center of the line of attack and that puts the ball in play . 2. Quarterback : he gives the order to start action and coordinates the team play on offense . 3.Tight end : he receives the lauches and blocks opponents . 4.Running back : he starts from behind the line of attack whit the ball . 5. Wide receiver : he must receive steps away and anticipate the offensive action of the opponents . Attack :
  5. 5. 1. Defensive Tackle : he stops the race opponents . 2. Linebacker : he follows and blocks the action of running , defends the steps of opponents and disrupts the action of launch. 3. Cornerback : he defends the outer sides of the field from the steps of the opponent . 4. Free Safety : he follows the receiver opponents and plate them . Defence :
  6. 6. Football Girls The football girls is practiced at a competive level in the United States and other countries . In some cases , players have been included in the men’s team particulary in the US Collegiate Championships . HISTORY : The first championship since 1965 when the Women's Professional Football League was founded. The highest-rated North America league is now the Independent Women’s Football League , founded in 2000, with teams in the United States of America and Canada .