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1000 Lens Campaign

Campaign of 1000 Islands called "1000 Lens" as the 2nd selection of The Recruit Maverick by Michelle Marietta Secoa from University of Indonesia. Let's capture 1000 Lens of 1000 Islands!!

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1000 Lens Campaign

  1. 1. 1 00 LENS Michelle Marietta Secoa Universitas Indonesia Campaign of Thousand Islands Indonesia 2017 1000 Lens for 1000 islands
  2. 2. THOUSAND ISLAND BACKGROUNDS 108.000 ha 2 subdistrict (South and North) 110 islands with Pramuka as capital district Activities Eco and Water Tourism and Sport Activities, Sightseeing, Island and Beach Hoping, Historical Tour, 60 owned by private sectors (indvidual and corporate), dominants for office, commerce and service area ( Famous Island : Tidung, Pari, Harapan, Bidadari, Pramuka, Ayer, Pantara, Sepa, Untung, Lancang Kecil 2014 almost 2 million tourist, 1,7 million local and 12.000 international tourist (District Administration Government) 2015about 2.000 visiotors per week (
  3. 3. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? ACESS AND FACILITIES PROBLEM 1 Privatitation island that contrast with DKI Jakarta 2 Government rules ( 3 Environment Problems 2014, 25% bad condition of Diving Spot (about 2-3 out of 10) in Pramuka Island ( Clean water, habour safety, only have 30% of coral reefs (, only 3 waste management that operates out of 11 ( 4 Criminalization Potential to local citizen by private sector, like in Pari Island ( 5 Supporting Funds, Lack of Facilites (ATM) 6 Transportation and Acommodation centralized only in certain island 3 market in Pramuka, Untung Jawa and Tidung Kecil Island ( PROMOTION PROBLEM Only 11 island be prioritized by district government and get attention from local tourist Local tourist packet is more unknown Lola Finalist of Abang None Thousand Island 2014 Andre Leader of Greenpeace Youth Indonesia Bolang Founder of Kompas Khatulistiwa “Promoting Thousand Island has to followed by government’s will to fix the transportation and develop local houses in those island” “If we want to travel and become tourist in Thousand Island, we have to care more about the environment; trash, water pollution and others” “There should be a planning to make sustainable tourism program for Thousand Island. Conservation have to be done more than just commercialization.
  4. 4. THEREFORE, THE IMPORTANT THINGS ARE: promote the whole island in Thousand Island support government development plan to raise Thousand Island infrastructure invite local tourist to come and also care more to Thousand Island Thousand Island Visitors reaches 1/5 of total tourirst in Bali Island (ASITA BALI, 2014, 50 island potentially being developed ( Government efforts to free private island and open it for public especially displaced island ( “Hope to prioritize another 39 displaced island”-Tri Djoko, Thousand Island Recident’s Officer ( Government will to increase local Tourist, so Thousand Island will have strong existence like Bali and Bunaken (crossing facilities, transportation subsidy, do water clean program) POTENCY OF THOUSAND ISLAND
  5. 5. 1 purpose to promote Thousand Islands to Indonesia’s people as one of the best local tourism destination 10 campaign activities consists of offline and online engagement programs with various supporting partners 100 days campaign series on 2017, starts from 8th September to final closing in Nusantara Day 13th December 1000 lens of island main theme of this campaign Trying to introduce precious and various sigth and view of Thousand Island, NOT ONLY CERTAIN FAMOUS ISLAND Encourage Indonesia people to capture lens of beauty and uniqueness among 128 islands in Thousand Islands Regency OBJECTIVES Cognitive Give knowldge and common understanding about Thousand Island, focusing not only the famous islands, includes information about Indonesia government’s development plan and the series of the campaign 2016 Affective Engage people to be more care, proud and put attention o the precious Thousand Island as one of the main tourism site of Indonesia Behavioral Empower people to visit and enjoy view and sight tourism of Thousand Island and share the experiences and thoughts to other Indonesia people. Empower people to care more about Thousand Island, include the environment. 1 00 LENS CAMPAIGN “every single island is worth it to be captured in 1000 lens. So let’s take 1000 lens of Thousand Island”
  6. 6. Project scopecampaign participants from all Indonesia Targeting youth and young adult of Indonesia (18-30 years old) who actively use social and online media POTENTIAL PARTNER Travel Agency . Thousand Island Community . Putra Putri Bahari . Pemerintah Kabupaten Kepulauan Seribu
  7. 7. STRATEGY 1 GIVING INFORMATION (cognitive) 1 day gathering media and journalist to launch the campaign with central and Thousand Island regency government 1 day session, introduces Thousand Island in several activities such as talkshow, panel discussions & seminars in big cities around Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Information content such as poster, picture, words, and mini video to promote the campaign and Thousand Island as one of the best place to visit by local tourist. Highlight the view and sound of Thousand Island as attractive content. EX: advertisement in radio with audio gimmick that make people hear the sound of water 2. Educational Roadshow in 10 cities in Indonesia 3. Promotion and Socialization (radio, billboard, website, online advertisement) 1. Press Conference
  8. 8. STRATEGY 2 GIVING ATTRACTION (affective) 4. Video Project & Screening with Indonesia’s Youth Singers 5. National Writing Competition “Dream Journey to Thousand Islands” 6. Line Sticker & Application Project with Thousand Island Theme Make 3 minutes music video that highlight the view of Thousand Islands in pop genre with top singers from Indonesia; GAC Top 5 winner will given chance to realize their drem and visit Thousand Islands Line Sticker Series which portrait view of several islands in cartoon look with some dialogues Special application (Android & IOS) about (1) news update from government (2) games (3) basic information like map, list of island, accomodation (4) promotion and prize from different local & private tourist service (5) group chi-chat and photo sharing for tourist (6) update news from government
  9. 9. STRATEGY 3 GIVING EMPOWEREMENT (BEHAVIORAL) 7. Vlog National Competition in Youtube “1 day 1 islands” 8. Short Film National Competition in Youtube 9. Snapchat Charity 10. Collecting 1000 lens of photo in the end of campaign in 13th December 2016 as Nusantara Day Invite young people to visit Thousand Island in 1 day and do 10 minutes Vlog (Video Blog) and join the competition to be the top 3 winner Invite film maker and enthusiasm to create 15 minutes short film in Thousand Islands with “Eco Tourism” main theme and be the top 3 winner Invite local tourist to do snapchat during their visits and submit to join the charity. 1 snapchat equals to RP 1.000,00 that will be contributed to sea and island maintenance During 100 days of campaign, tourist can submit their photo with theme “togetherness” to be participated in 1000 lens of photo’s frame as the final campaign which will be released in 13th December as Nusantara Day in campaign website
  10. 10. MEASUREMENTinternal and external evaluation Testimony QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE Word of Mouth Positive Tones of Media Coverage and News Online Survey & Feedback through social media and website Ratings in application, number of application and line downloads Number of media coverage, social media discourse (includes hastag, sharing post, views, trending topic and followers), advertising rating and website traffics Number of local tourist Number of program and competition participants
  11. 11. COMMUNICATION PROGRAM 2017 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AGS SEP OCT NOV DEC Preparation (proposal, administration, permission, internal meetings , sponsor and partnership) STRA- TEGY 1 Press Conference Educational Roadshow Promotion and Socialization STRA- TEGY 2 Video Project’s Screening Writing Competition Line Sticker and Application Project TIMELINE Campaign Period: 5th September-13th December 2017 (100 days)
  12. 12. COMMUNICATION PROGRAM 2017 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AGS SEP OCT NOV DEC STRA- TEGY 3 Vlog Competition Short Film National Competition Snapchat Charity 1000 lens of photo Evaluation and Monitoring “A WISE TRAVELER NEVER DESPISES HIS OWN COUNTRY” -Carlo Goldoni-
  13. 13. BUDGET ESTIMATION COMMUNICATION PROGRAM TOTAL Press Conference (accomodation, media invitation) Rp 25.000.000,- Educational Roadshow Expense Rp 150.000.000,- Volunteer and Internal Team Expense (includes proposal, administration and preparation) Rp 75.000.000,- Advertisement, Publication and Media Promotion Rp 185.000.000,- Application, Line Sticker and Website Development (account expense, monitoring, officer) Rp 300.000.000,- Competition and Prize (Vlog, Writing and Short Film) Rp 50.000.000,- Video Project Budget (transportation, singers expense, other equipment) Rp 160.000.000,- Documentation Rp 6.000.000,- Evaluation and Monitoring Rp 5.000.000,- TOTAL Rp 956.000.000,-