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Kamailio - The Story for Asterisk

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Presentation done at Astricon 2013, Atlanta, USA - a look at Kamailio and SIP proxy server concept from the perspective of a media server and PBX such as Asterisk

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Kamailio - The Story for Asterisk

  1. 1. Kamailio The Open Source SIP Server The Story For Asterisk Daniel-Constantin Mierla Co-Founder Kamailio
  2. 2. Who Is That Guy?
  3. 3. World of Telephony
  4. 4. ?
  5. 5. Telephony Engine
  6. 6. Central Element?
  7. 7. ?
  8. 8. The Call
  9. 9. ?
  10. 10. SIP Signaling Routing Engine
  11. 11. SIP Signaling Routing Engine
  12. 12. Central Element?
  13. 13. ?
  14. 14. YOU
  15. 15. Implicitly Kamailio Does Only One Thing
  16. 16. And It DoesVery Well
  17. 17. It Does Nothing
  18. 18. OK, Joking! Now Seriously
  19. 19. Implicitly Kamailio Really Does Nothing
  20. 20. Now Imagine If Telephony Was Transportation
  21. 21. What WouldYou Like To Have?
  22. 22. Any Of Them Can BeYours
  23. 23. But Is Not About Riding
  24. 24. It Is About Engineering Them
  25. 25. So Now, Everyone, Please Meet Our Special Guest! Kamailio
  26. 26. Stone It InYour Head You Are Not The Driver You Are The Engineer
  27. 27. Without Proper Knowledge Your Baby Can Be
  28. 28. On The Other Hand
  29. 29. The Limit IsYour Imagination
  30. 30. It’s All About You!
  31. 31. What Is Needed To Start Becoming A Good Engineer?
  32. 32. Three Things
  33. 33. 1. Excellent Knowledge Of SIP
  34. 34. 2. Excellent Knowledge Of SIP 3. Excellent Knowledge Of SIP
  35. 35. good knowledge of sip kamailio learning curve it helps quite a bit: - imperative programming - practicing
  36. 36. Back To Our Business Real Time Communications
  37. 37. Kamailio Is Not About Calls
  38. 38. Its About Connecting Things
  39. 39. voice video instant messaging presence desktop sharing file transfer contacts list management monitoring systems ...
  40. 40. Typical Use Cases With Asterisk load balancer least cost router location registrar signaling encryption gateway security guardian scalability systems re-routing engine
  41. 41. 2002 Jun 2005 Jul 2008 Aug 2008 Nov 2008 SIP Express Router (SER) OpenSER Kamailio Other Forks... Same application: Kamailio - SER Oct 2009 Jan 2010 v3.0.0 Integration Completed v1.5.0 Oct 2011 v3.1.0 Sep 2001 First Line Of Code Open Source GPL FhG Fokus Institute Berlin rename v3.2.0 Oct 2010 Awarded Best Open Source Networking Software 2009 By InfoWorld 10 Years Jun 2012 v3.3.0 ITSPA UK Award Mar 2013 v4.0.0 Kamailio Nov 2013 v4.1.0
  42. 42. Over 180 Modules
  43. 43. SIP proxy, redirect and registrar server user registration with digest authorization IPv4-IPv6 UDP/TCP/TLS/SCTP SCTP multi-homing multi-streaming, statistics UDP Raw Sockets DNS NAPTR & SRV Presence Services End-to-End Presence SIMPLE Presence Server Embedded XCAP Server Dialog Info (blinking lamps) Resource Lists Service (RLS) Profile and Conference Events Presence User Agents Multi-domain support Customizable routing policy User location service Plug-in module interface Embedded interpreters for Lua, Perl, Mono (C#), Python Load Balancing Least Cost Routing DID - Prefix Routing Aliases Ring Groups Speed Dial ENUM Routing
  44. 44. NAT traversal Security permissions anti-DOS attacks User call preferences Call Processing Language Database Connectors MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite UNIXODBC BERKELEYDB ORACLE Text files Accounting log file, database, Radius, Diameter Embedded HTTP client server Link any application to or control Kamailio using FIFO/UNIXSOCK/DATAGRAM/TCP/XMLRPC/HTTP interfaces OSP support for peering Connector for Java SIP Servlet LDAP - H350 Instant Messaging End-to-End Offline Storage Embedded MSRP Relay IM Conferencing Gateway SMS XMPP
  45. 45. Number Portability Topology Hiding GeoIP API Internal Message Queues Registration to Remote Servers Generic Database Cluster Asynchronous TCP - TLS SIP Request Processing Cfg Route Block Execution Active calls tracking max duration counting per user click-to-dial Traffic Shaping limit inbound traffic rates track DoS - DDoS Web & CLI Tools SIREMIS SERCMD KAMCTL IMS Extensions
  46. 46. Config File Parameter Reload Framework Cfg SQL Query API Preprocessor Directives (define, include) Interactive Debugger DNS Caching System srv load balancing fast failover blacklisting avoid long blocking Security encryption block addresses IP authorization user authentication certificate validation NoSQL Memcached Redis Cassandra time recurrence matching SDP operations
  47. 47. Over 10 IMS Extensions Websockets generic database clusteringembedded mono interpreter C#, Python, Java, .... cassandra connector IPv6 review embedded MSRP Relay time recurrence matching embedded HTTP RPC/Provisioning APIs presence/rls/xcap OMA/RCS enhancements GRUU SIP Outbound SCA
  48. 48. app_java sipt tm htable cfgutils siputilssnmpstats - usrloc - debugger - dmq mohqueue dnssec cnxcc (prepaid) stun sctp auth_ephemeral (webrtc) debugger (log pv assignment) gzcompress
  49. 49. WebRTC To Classic SIP/VoIP Gateway (both signaling and media) Demo At Booth #19
  50. 50. What ActuallyValues A Lot very large development team sharp developers friendly community distributed management open environment sustained innovation quality driven collaboration continuos evolution
  51. 51.
  52. 52.
  53. 53. Kamailio + Asterisk common developers Olle Klaus Torrey
  54. 54. Kamailio + Asterisk products and services entswitch Portugal Educational UC Infrastructure (500 pairs K+A)
  55. 55. instead of conclusions You Like Just Being The Pilot (care only of commanding your business) Plenty Of Options Start ByVisiting:
  56. 56. Daniel-Constantin Mierla Co-Founder Kamailio Thank you! Questions? twitter: @miconda EXPO BOOTH #19