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How to- facebook

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How to- facebook

  1. 1. Tailoring & Personalizing your Quick & easy steps to making facebook comfortable for you.
  2. 2. Profile Picture Uploading/ setting your profile picture •Select photo, click Make Profile Picture •Hover over picture & select Edit your Profile Picture, Upload a Picture or
  3. 3. Creating/ editing information about yourself Info Editing •By clicking on the Info tab on your page you can edit a few basic categories about yourself
  4. 4. Creating a Photo Album •Click on the Photos tab to get started •Next click to open: •Select desired photos and click open •While waiting for your photos to upload, finish creating your new album with a name, location and who you would like to share it with. Uploading photos to an album, fast!
  5. 5. Status Update! The all important update of what’s going on in your life • At the very top of your News Feed Simply click What’s on your mind? and start typing •Once finished click Share and your status has officially been updated!
  6. 6. Uploading a Video Easy video uploading •At the top of your news feed, click the video icon to get started •Select either record a video, to instantly record a video via webcam, or upload a video, to upload a previously recorded video •Select desired movie and
  7. 7. Friends Find/ adding your friends •Click friends on side bar, then find friends •With the number of tools and services you’ll be able to find your friends where ever they are •Then simply choose the friends you wish to add and click add as friends
  8. 8. Applications and Games Adding great applications or fun games to your page •From the side bar click applications or games options •Applications and games are separated into different categories •Choose your favorite apps and games to add to your page and enjoy!
  9. 9. Who Sees What? Control exactly what can be viewed on your page •In the top right corner click account, privacy settings •Using the sharing options customize who you want seeing post, pictures, ect..
  10. 10. The Wall •On your wall you can view past status updates, photos, other changes to your page, and comments from friends •You also have the option to remove any post from your wall, by hovering over the post and selecting remove