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Mobile App Digital Marketing Strategy Example

Download this digital marketing strategy for a mobile app startup to help guide the creation of your own strategy.

It covers all essentials of a plan including market analysis, objectives, target markets, competitors, promotions mix and more.

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Mobile App Digital Marketing Strategy Example

  1. 1. Angry Kitty Digital Strategy: Market Segments, Targeting & Promotions
  2. 2. Angry Kitty is a fun and light-hearted App designed for users to:  Request or collect money from a group for anything  It keeps a record of who has paid and who still owes  Members who still owe are sent an ‘Angry kitty’ reminder email  It removes the need to have awkward conversations with friends about money Executive Summary
  3. 3.  There are several startups in the whole area of making payments as a group of people, whether it be for joint gift purchases (weddings), or even simple things like housemates paying bills etc.  ShareAGift in the UK focuses on joint gift purchases, but is more an affiliate gift sales model. In the US there is WePay and PayDivvy, both of which err on the side of being deposit account providers. WePay has moved to being a B2B play, trying to woo small merchants away from PayPal. In France there is Leetchi and FriendFund in Berlin. Many have substantial backing from VCs.  And several others include Payumi, PayItSquare and Groupay Market Analysis
  4. 4. Objectives Market objectives for Angry Kitty are: 220 signups from Google Display network within 30 days of launch 3000 visitors from Press Release campaign launch
  5. 5. Competitors 1. Pay It Square allows users to collect funds on the go. It’s one of the leading group pay platforms. The website has a high Alexa Rank of 146,000 and this reveals that it has high traffic volumes. It has a PageRank of 4/10 and 246 sites linking in and this also shows its high popularity.
  6. 6. Competitors 2. Is a UK based group pay service that offers automatic tracking, intelligent reminders and online payments. A relatively new site with low traffic volumes and a low Alexa rank of 10 million.
  7. 7. Market Segments 1.Stag/hen weekend organisers 2. Landlords 3. Trip organisers 4. Wedding organisers
  8. 8. Market Targeting Our primary target market is stag/hen organisers looking to request money and remind group of overdue contributions. Secondary markets like wedding planners, landlords, trip organisers and small businesses will be targeted in new campaigns when budget has increased.
  9. 9. Product Angry Kitty is a desktop App that is mobile responsive and users can register at and create a kitty. Some improvements to be made are highlighted below:
  10. 10. Positioning Angry Kitty should develop a unique position that is not occupied by competitors listed above This USP will be highlighted in all communications The brand identity which includes the name, logo, and colours should be consistent across all promotional tools and for any banners that are created for the Display network and social media. The name should be trademarked if available and the fee for this is £170
  11. 11. Promotional Mix The primary promotional tool for Angry Kitty are:  Adwords  SEO – Google, Yahoo and Bing - keywords  Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+  Online PR – to target media that they regularly access – online newspapers and magazines
  12. 12. Online PR  Write and publish a Press Releases or Feature article for the Angry Kitty Launch  Press Releases will highlight the benefits of the App and how its unique features can benefit the target market(s) listed above  Some media to target are major national newspaper, national news outlet and glossy magazine in the UK including Marie Claire, The Times, The Guardian, The FT, The Independent, The Daily Express, The Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Mirror, The Sun, Sky News, BBC News and Reuters that are read by the target audience
  13. 13. Google AdWords  Budget for Google Adwords is £110 per month and we expect to receive 1100 visitors from an average CPC of £0.10. Campaigns will be split between: 1. Display Campaign  Brand Awareness Campaigns: find relevant placements on the display network to place banner Ads on in the stag party niche.  Direct Response: Create a display campaign which will include text and image ads and will include CPC or CPM bid strategies 2. Remarketing campaign: This is to retarget people who have visited the site but did not convert. We will avoid hounding or harassing them by using impression caps. We will build audiences in Analytics that will be targeted in the remarketing campaign. Two primary audiences to target here are people who have registered and visitors that haven’t registered. Cookie length will be set to 90 days.
  14. 14. Google Adwords Some placements we can target for our banners are:   
  15. 15. Social Media  Social media goals will be about building relationships and providing value and not over-promoting the Angry Kitty brand.  We will follow the 80/20 rule, which states that we will post non-promotional content 80% of the time (valuable, helpful, or personable stuff, or related content linking to another source), and reserve the other 20% for being more overtly promotional  Will create profiles on the major platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc and eventually narrow it down to the platforms bringing the best returns.  Will create a profile theme on each platform with design and colours that match and enhance the brand.  Content will be repurposed across social media. So will blog about it, tweet it, make a video, share on Facebook, turn it into an infographic or pinterest, etc.  Will measure with Google Analytics and other tools and key metrics will inform ongoing strategy.
  16. 16. SEO  Keyword targeting for keywords such as ‘collect money online’ ‘group payment’ and ‘group pay’  Link building for keywords that have been discovered at the research stage for link building purposes  These keywords will be included in title tags, meta tags, website content, alt tags  Activate webmaster tools and Google analytics tools to track and manage organic and PPC traffic and other referrals  Continuous on-page and off-page optimisation to maintain organic rankings and discover more keywords to rank for
  17. 17. Budget Google Adwords £110 SEO £0 Social Media £0 Press Release £60