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NejRemeslnici Overview - English [view full screen]

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NejRemeslnici Overview - English [view full screen]

  1. 1. Any experience with builders? Then you know that often not all expectations are met.
  2. 2. You may not use these pages any longer...
  3. 3. But web company listings give you not more than just a contact builder selection with so limited info is like playing Russian roulette
  4. 4. Correct category selection in a deep Yahoo like tree is another headache Library system from Austrian-Hungarian monarchy does not belong to 21st century.
  5. 5. And when asked on county, webs neglect the fact that job distance is a providers’ choice. House painter won’t travel far, kitchen provider will come to Praha from Zlín.
  6. 6. The depth of issues looks endless
  7. 7. Solution will do with 5 ones cornerst
  8. 8. Rating Ranking User-created content Tagging Geo-search
  9. 9. The focus is on reviews When selecting a provider authentic reviews represent a key resource
  10. 10. Reviews are great also as an inpiration and users can discuss their experience right next to reviews
  11. 11. Providers select the region they cover Resuls show first providers within reach Best rated come first More on search on our blog
  12. 12. Search = Tags + Geo You can search by auto-suggested tags. Reviews may have many tags. Results can be narrowed by selecting related tags. Reviews are assigned tags automatically by a heuristic engine. More on tags on our blog
  13. 13. realize that the real challenge is to build a Marketplace
  14. 14. Marketplace Providing a platform focused on building or finding good reputation We take care of the content quality, we invest into building a flourishing community
  15. 15. Marketplace Providers build their on-line review portfolios and win jobs Users find inspiration, advice and proven providers
  16. 16. Business Model? Freemium • Free to users • Providers • Free Mini plan • Paid monthly plans • More on the web: Info for providers
  17. 17. What’s the plan to tackle “chicken-and-egg problem”? How to get reviews, users without providers and providers without traffic... • Partnerships • User competitions • Social networks • Taking care of the first bids manually • Exhibitions, PR, ... • ... and lot of unglamorous work with an iron nerve
  18. 18. The Roadmap • Bids • Facebook - social graph integration • Ranking • Mobile UIon photos GPS usage for smartphones;
  19. 19. Unique selling proposition Valuable and scarce content specifically focused [niche] GEO + social networks Hot topic for 2010 SEO vs Social Media (and GEO) (link to a SheoMoney article) We are not yet another firm catalogue neither a useless phone number collection
  20. 20. Approching final... Before buying a phone, do you read about it first on the web?
  21. 21. Would you care to read first on a provider before he demolishes your bathroom? We want to empower you!
  22. 22. Let’s turn a nightmare into a joy!
  23. 23. The End
  24. 24. Bonus material The next slide’s diagram shows that each review or job posted drives more web traffic. PS: Entry point anywhere.
  25. 25. Select a provider Write a review Reviews of concrete jobs Enter a job Get inspired for demand the next project
  26. 26. SEO is still needed to drive traffic With a good SEO: Offering small service providers better search engine results than their tiny webs PPC and careful keyword selection is a good traffic driver. Small providers unable to run efficient AdWords / Sklik campaigns