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Basic Tips to Protect Your Teen from Eating Disorders

The presentation is made by which is describing tips to protect your teen from eating disorder.

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Basic Tips to Protect Your Teen from Eating Disorders

  1. 1. Tips to Protect Your Teen from Eating Disorders
  2. 2. Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders Various factors might put teens at risk of acquiring eating disorders: Societal Pressure Favorite Activities Low Self-Esteem Personal Factors Image Courtesy:eatingdisorderfoundation(dot)org
  3. 3. Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders Societal Pressure: Modern Western culture tends to create an urge for a slim body. Even teens with a normal body weight feel that they're fat. This can trigger eating disorders for being thin – especially in teen girls. Image Courtesy: fawesome.ifood(dot)tv
  4. 4. Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders Favorite Activities: Participation in different activities that value leanness – such as running, wrestling and ballet – can develop the risk of teen eating disorders. Image Courtesy: fitlinxx(dot)net
  5. 5. Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders Low Self-Esteem: Teens who have low self-esteem might use their eating traditions or weight loss to accomplish a sense of stability or control. Image Courtesy: selfgrowthsecrets(dot)com
  6. 6. Why Teens Get Into Eating Disorders Personal Factors: Biological factors or Genetics might effect some teens more likely to develop eating disorders. Personality attributes such as perfectionism, rigidity or anxiety might also play a role for eating disorders. Image Courtesy: health.sulekha(dot)com
  7. 7. Early Effects of Teen Eating Disorders Signs and symptoms of eating disorders: Image Courtesy: thehno(dot)com Dizziness Weakness Irritability Trouble in Sleeping Difficulty in Concentrating For girls, Menstrual Irregularities
  8. 8. Tips to Prevent Teen from Eating Disorders Prevention begins with open communication: Image Courtesy: eatingdisorderfreeme(dot)com Foster Self-Esteem Promote a Healthy Body Image Encourage Reasonable Eating Habits Share the Dangers of Dieting and Emotional Eating
  9. 9. Contact Us Web: Address: 4100 Newport Place, Suite 730 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Phone/ fax: (949) 612-3955 Email: If you suspect that your teen has an eating disorder, then don't forget to contact Addiction Psychiatrist Dr. Nishant Kumar for valuable suggestions.
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