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Document writer - Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office

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The new version of document writer is rich with a plethora of amazing features. Now you can simply make a written note of your class room lectures, homework or make any written document and you need not type them to get in PDF format. Yes! The app enables you to convert your handwritten documents in PDF just by scanning by using your iPhone or iPad. Amazing, isn’t it? Well it is more than it sounds. You can even view your downloaded documents offline using Document Viewer on your smart phone.

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Document writer - Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office

  1. 1. Document Writer –Word Processor andReader for Microsoft Office Version 4.3.2 What makes it a matchless document app? The newversionof documentwriterisrichwitha plethoraof amazingfeatures.Now youcansimply make a writtennote of your classroom lectures,homeworkormake anywrittendocumentandyou neednottype themto getin PDFformat.Yes! The app enables youtoconvertyourhandwritten documentsinPDFjustby scanningbyusingyour iPhone oriPad.Amazing,isn’tit?Well itismore than itsounds.You can evenviewyourdownloadeddocumentsofflineusingDocumentVieweron your smartphone. Word Processor Word processorallowsyoutoedityourdocumentsthe wayyoulike. Youcan give boldoritalic touch to yourtextor can underline the selecteditems.Insertthe snapscapturedbyyourcamera intoyour textdocument.Alsoyoucandelete the selected partof the textthat youconsider unnecessary. A richvarietyof backgroundcolorsand stylesisthere tofacilitate youtogetthe things the way youimagine.Addbulletpointsornumberstoyourtextor highlightthe specificwordsor lines.
  2. 2. PDF Converter It isanotheramazingcomponentof DocumentViewer.Youcanconvertyour MS Excel,Word or PowerPointfile intoPDFformat.Notonlythat,butalsoyou can switchthe “annotation”onand make requiredmodificationwithyourexistingfilessuch as:  Get the page size afteryourheart. Choose betweenfittowindow,fittothe screenor setthe page widthmanually.  Rotatingallowsyoutoset yourpage vertical or horizontal.  Email Attachments.  Get the printout of your PDF documentsbyusingyour printer.
  3. 3. Document Scanner and WritingPad As youdownloadDocumentWriter,youare supposedtogetthiswonderfulappinbargain.No additional effortisrequiredfromyourside. ByusingDocumentScanneryoucan:  Scan your handwrittendocuments andconvertthemtoPDF.  You can alsoconvertyour camera imagestoany formatyoulike suchas PNG,JPG or PDF.  It alsoallowsyouto edit,crop,zoominor zoom out,or make any kindof change or tweak withyourselectedpictures.  The imagescan easilybe sharedbyattachingto emailsoverGoogle Drive,MicrosoftSky Drive,WhatsApp,or Dropbox.
  4. 4. Documents Templates Sample CoverLetter Sample Resume Sample BlogPost CollectionDemandLetter BudgetSheet MeetingMinutes BusinessTemplateforSmall Business Contracts forthe Sale of Goods Weekly/MonthlyPlanner Statementof Services Sample Agenda WeeklyTimesheet Powerof Attorney Sample ResignationLetter iTunesDownload Link : processor/id595073719?mt=8