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Town & Gown

  1. 1. City of St.Petersburg: the princess of the North
  2. 2. City of St.Petersburg Founded 1703 Second capital of Russia 5 mln people 150 km from Finland 150 km. from Estonia 60 deg. North Same as Stockholm Same as Anchorage, Alaska 60+ universities
  3. 3. Ingria business incubator: Projects, talents and more….
  4. 4. What is «Ingria» 1. A place for accelerated development of innovative projects 2. Serves entire innovative infrastructure 3. Federal scale and vast international partnerships 4. Partnerships with universities in Russia and abroad WITHIN TOP 5 RUSSIAN BUSINESS INCUBATORS BY RUSSIAN FORBES MAGAZINE
  5. 5. Figures and facts residents Their revenues Investments Their employees 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 1 полугодие Number of residents 63 70 86 81 78 Employees of residents 416 538 776 632 632 Investment attrracted, US$M 3 12 15 8 7 Revenues by residents, US$M 3 11 20 21 n/d Number of events 128 129 205 142 51 Total area, sq.m 2334 2334 1644,42 1644,42 1644,42
  6. 6. Partners
  7. 7. What do we do? 1. “How to’s”: business model, financial model, presentation skills, etc 2. Bring in investments 3. Help forge strategic partnerships 4. Tech analysis 5. Educational programs and training 6. Access to vast network of partners 7. Competitions, … and much more, whatever it takes to bring a startup to success!
  8. 8. Assessment of commercial potential for the technology 1. Potential market for the technology 2. Main players (competing technologies, potential buyers, etc) 3. Optimal commercialization strategy: startup, licensing, outsourcing of competence, M&A 4. Optimal IP protection strategy: country coverage, patent types, patent umbrellas, etc. 5. Analysis of principal technological, market and societal risks
  9. 9. Product development and customer development 1. Brainstorming to formulate product hypotheses 2. Field study, customer interviews 3. Validation 4. Cyclic iteration 5. Product launch
  10. 10. Mentoring and mentors 1. 50+ mentors from industry actively working with startups 2. Among mentors people from Microsoft, EMC, Cisco, Intel, etc 3. Weekly and monthly mentoring sessions 4. Preparation to get investment 5. Foreign mentors welcome
  11. 11. Investors and investments 1. Work with 50+ Russian venture funds 2. VC-days: • an educational program, • selection of 20 projects out of ~100 applicants, • 30+ VC funds present • 30% go into negotiations right away! 3. One2one meetings with investors
  12. 12. Students and professors 1. 15+ partner universities – Russia, Finland, Israel 2. 300+ students annually in Ingria for • Consulting startups • Course work • BS, BA, MBA theses 3. Every year some students are hired by startups 4. “Professor” projects and world class expertise
  13. 13. International activities: inbound Entering the foreign market without a reliable partner is prone to high risks and excess expenses Demand • 25% of tech startups in Finland, Sweden, Israel would like to try the Russian market (own data, 2010)… • ….. But are afraid! (legislature, language, business culture, etc) Offer • Soft Landing program for foreign startups • Equipped workstation • Consulting service • Network access (government, big industrials, venture funds, partner search across Russia etc) • Student workforce рабочее место, партнерство, менторская программа, контакты).
  14. 14. International activities: outbound 1.Partner incubators and technoparks in Finland, Sweden, Israel, Silicon Valley 2.Several startups already developing worldwide 3.Help startup to: • Choose geography for entering the European/Asian market • Choose right business model • Find local team and set local legal entity
  15. 15. International educational programs Program structure Part 1: 2-3 days in Ingria in St.Petersburg – orientation, introductory entrepreneurship course, country specific information Part 2: 1-2 days to 1 month – in the target country, at partner’s infrastructure Part 3: Back to Ingria: summary and roundup
  16. 16. Turnkey business incubator solutions 1. Identify the potential and topical areas 2. Set up business structure and business processes 3. Help select projects 4. Help select mentors, account managers, consultants 5. Subscription to regular consulting sessions and tutorials
  17. 17. Virtual business incubator 1. 5 hours a week of group onine consulting sessions 2. Software platform by our resident SeeMedia ( 3.Webinars by speakers from all over the globe 4. Online VC sessions 5. Online Demo Days
  18. 18. Big events: WebReady competition Applications Main Russian competition of Internet and Mobile app startups • Multistage project selection • 70 experts and mentors • 10-day educational program • 600+ at Gala finals • Over 30 projects invested every year
  19. 19. Project selection: Startup Lynch 12 times a year 120 projects test their strengths. Format: 10 minutes: project presentations 20 minutes – detailed and tough feedback We check: • Business model consistency • Technology congruence • Monetization and upscaling • Presentation skills
  20. 20. Tech transfer center: St.Petersburg, Russia, Global A bridge between industry and R&D teams • Education and training • Technology assessment • Facilitation of negotiations Core partners: • Big Russian and global industrials • Russian and foreign startups • R&D teams from partner universities Funding: municipal (to start), commercial revenues (finally) Launch 2014
  21. 21. Demola: Where students meet industry • A proven model from Finland franchised to Ingria • Part of Demola network (12+ locations in Europe) • MOU signed, launch in the Fall 2014 Scope • Students solve problems of big industrials as part of their course • Industry pays licensing fees if solution is accepted • 90% of the revenue goes to students, 10% retained by Demola Funding: municipal (to start), commercial revenues (finally) Launch 2014
  22. 22. Startups «Ingria» Universities Investors Business community Mentors State
  23. 23. Great team of professionals
  24. 24. Igor Rozhdestvenskiy Director, Business incubator Ingria M.Sc Physics, Summa cum Laudae (1984), Leningrad State U. PhD Physics, LSU, 1987 Ass. Prof. physics 1988-1992 Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute PhD Physics UWO, Canada, 1995 Head, Marketing Dept, Nienschanz Ltd, 1995-1997 Ass. Prof., Dept. of Plant Physiology, Umea, Sweden, 1998-2003 Senior Staff, Tech Transfer office, St.Petersburg State U. 2006-2013 Chief Commercialization Officer, Skolkovo Technopark 2012 Managing partner, Xmas Ventures Expert and organizer, VIMBI, BIT and other competitions
  25. 25. Contacts
  26. 26. Selected projects From hydrogen membranes to an online dating game
  27. 27. Profiscope Profiscope gives you access to 3+M automatically assembled resumes of IT professionals. We use our own data mining software based on proprietary algorithms: • source code analysis • text mining • opinion mining • time series analytics • DSS • people clustering • sequence mining … and the database is growing as you read this!
  28. 28. Blabroom “Fear to be rejected or disappoint our conversation partner makes lots of us feel uneasy when meeting new people and expressing our emotions!“ BlabRoom is ready to help you! BlabRoom is a web-service for dating, online communication and development of relations. Our users find conversation partners automatically through blabchat service and communicate in it easily, asking questions, suggested by the system, each after each and answering individually. And the "Quest" mode, with numerous online and offline tasks, develops the type of relationship between two users, which they will choose after getting to know each other better in blabchat. 35
  29. 29. Advertising Network for Free Wi-Fi areas WiFly Ad Network solution • Shows ads on top of any page the user browses • Show Ads for as long as the user session lasts; • Full Ad control: formats, devices, schedule, duration, time gap, statistics, e.t.c; • 50 meters geo targeting accuracy; • Non intrusive, high efficiency; • Easy to implement in the network. Complete Ad solution RubicPro. April 2013 36
  30. 30. MobGameDev The platform allows to create games and educational applications without any programming knowledge, directly on the tablet in your spare time. We give you the opportunity to get rid of programmers and reduce production time to 1 - 15 days. In this case, income from applications is redistributed like this: With our platform share in % development time without content Content from35 % to 63 % 1-15 man-days APPLE/GOOGLE 30 % PR 7 % Programming 0 % Our client: Millions of creative people who do not have the opportunity to realize their potential in the form of the application because they do not know how to program.
  31. 31. Wire-free point-to-point communication systems Wire-free data transfer at a high rate (1.25 Gbit/sec) over a distance of 8 km in E-Band (70- 90 GHz). Functionally equivalent to a piece of a fiber-optic cable • No problems with interference between different systems which leads to easier permit procedures. • Easy to install and adjust. • Much cheaper than installing fiber-optical communication. LAN LAN Price: $36,700
  32. 32. Mevodena – high efficiency cheap membranes for 39 hydrogen purification Current situation Palladium is consdered to have a unique ability for hydrogen permeation. High purity hydrogen is produced by palladium alloy membranes. These membranes are extremely expensive and inefficient. Better alternative Тhe transport of hydrogen through the lattice of group 5 metals (V, Nb, Ta) is orders of magnitude faster. Thin Pd coating is applied to the group-5 metal composite membrane to catalyze absorption-desorption of H2 and protect the membrane from corrosion. We offer technology for much more efficient and much less costly selective membranes
  33. 33. FRESHOFFICE: THE ECOSYSTEM OF BUSINESS CRM BPM Finance Telephony Documentation File storage HelpDesk Communication ServiceDesk Analytics
  34. 34. UNIFIED PLATFORM Windows Azure Fresh Office FRESH API New applications of our partners

Notas del editor

  • Я приехал к Вам из северного города Санкт-Петербурга. Он находится на западе России, на берегах Балтийского моря, в 150 км. от Финляндии и в 150 км. от Эстонии.
  • Город был основан в 1703 году императором Петром Великим, как новая столица России. И он был столицей более 200 лет, после чего большевики перенесли столицу обратно в Москву. С тех пор мы очень не любим москвичей. ))
    Санкт-Петербург расположен на 60-м градусе северной широты. Это та же широта, что Стокгольм и Анкоридж на Аляске. Тем, кто читал Джека Лондона, скажу, что все его рассказы про Белое Безмолвие, посвященные золотой лихорадке на Аляске, разворачиваются в тех же широтах. Но у нас теплее, так как есть теплое течение Гольфстрим.

    Географически нам гораздо проще поехать в Хельсинки, чем в Москву. Поэтому Санкт-Петербург – очень международный город.
    Население – 5 млн. человек. Это немного для Азии, но много для Европы – население всей Финляндии меньше!
    Санкт-Петербург – город науки и образования. Здесь находятся более 60 университетов, десятки научно-исследовательских институтов. У города огромный научно-промышленный потенциал.
  • И это очень красивый город, Северная Венеция или Северная Пальмира. Приезжайте в гости, ---- но лучше летом!!
  • Дворцы пригородов Петербурга – наследие имперского прошлого.
  • Главный петербургский дворец – Зимний Дворец. В нем расположен Эрмитаж, главный музей искусств страны, второй по величине коллекции музей в мире после Лувра. 8 миллионов экспонатов.
  • Характерная черта Петербурга – реки и каналы, за это его называют Северной Венецией. Разводные мосты через реку Неву летом – точка притяжения как для туристов, так и для горожан.
  • Крылатые львы – тоже один из символов города. На заднем плане – Спас-на-крови, храм, построенный на месте убийства императора Александра II террористом с бомбой.
  • Ингрия – один из наиболее успешных городских проектов в области инноваций. Ингрия, или Инкери – название финского племени, которое населяло эти земли задолго до основания Санкт-Петербурга. Мы работаем в Санкт-Петербурге, но у нас есть партнеры во всей России и за рубежом.
  • Ингрия – это место для ускоренного развития стартап-компаний. Мы создаем и обслуживаем инновационную экосистему города. В 2010 году Российская версия журнала Форбс назвала нас в числе 5 лучших бизнес-инкубаторов России, и в 2012 год мы подтвердили этот статус
  • Cloud based platform which covers all the companies’ needs in software and performs the role of social networks for employees and customers. Applications are different representations of a single database or a business.
  • Special public API allows you to create new applications by third-party developers
    Applications developed by us and by our partners can easily be integrated into the platform and immediately get a ready-made infrastructure.