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Light relief exhibitions 2012

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Light Relief: a season of visual arts exhibitions at Royal Derby Hospital.

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Light relief exhibitions 2012

  1. 1. Light Reliefautumn/winter season 2012
  2. 2. Light Relief, the autumn/winter exhibitions season hasbeen curated by Antoinette Burchill in collaborationwith the Hidden Histories project for air arts. “Light Relief explores the different ways light is used byartists in their work. Whether it is the process ofcreating the artwork, a symbolic beacon or physicalstructure.Working with the Hidden Histories archive the LightRelief exhibitions re-position historical objects used inclinical practice to reflect and compliment the art works.The season forms a trail across Royal Derby Hospitalwhich we hope illustrates how we need both light, andlight relief in our everyday lives.”
  3. 3. Location: Level 1, large courtyard,Artist: Elaine Lim-Newton, Night Bloom, lit ceramic sculptures 4pm-12midnight Hidden Histories artifact: Tonometer
  4. 4. Location: Level 1, OutpatientsArtist: Jen Aitken, landscape paintingsHidden Histories artifact: Eye test card
  5. 5. Location: Level 1, MaternityArtist: Carole Cluer, wild flower solar photograms Hidden Histories artifact: Prism Lens
  6. 6. Location: Level 2, ICUArtist: Simon Carter, Interior, Derbyshire landscape photographsHidden Histories artifact: Vials of yellow liquid and teal PH test strips
  7. 7. Location: Level 2, wards 202/207 Artist: Sue King, glass panelsHidden Histories artifact: Glass eyebaths (of various colours)
  8. 8. Location: Level 3, wards 307-312Artist: Derby Museum & Art Gallery, Joseph Wright’s moons Hidden Histories artifact: Oscillometer
  9. 9. Location: Level 3, Wards 301-306Artist: Jodie Masters, drawing & digital collage Hidden Histories artifact: Ceramic tea set
  10. 10. Location: Level 4 wards 401-406Artist: Tez Marsden, Derbyshire landscape photographs Hidden Histories artifact: NHS glasses
  11. 11. Location: Level 4, Renal wards 407-408Artist: Sandria Maddocks, botanical illustration watercolour paintings Hidden Histories artifact: Microscope
  12. 12. Location: Level 5 Pathology Artist: Alina Kisina, photographsHidden Histories artifact: Box of lenses
  13. 13. Location: Level 1, Multi-Faith Centre, community space Artist: Techno TyrosHidden Histories artifact: a pair of Brass Kidney Dishes
  14. 14. Location: ENT, Kings Treatment Centre Artist: Derby Museum & Art GalleryHidden Histories artifact: textbook line drawing of an eye.