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Teamwork by solomon sisay

  1. Teamwork Development for Hospitality Industry Panorama Hôtel 12 January 2012
  2. The Training: Teamwork • Create total understanding of the value of teamwork for hospitality industry • Increase individual efficiency in the hotel’s teamwork culture • Help trainées to develop skills for better performance • Make trainées successful in their personal and Professional lives.
  3. Hospitality Industry • An industry where every individual counts equally • Everyone has a contribution to the success of the whole team • Integrated support system is needed
  4. What makes a hotel different from another industry • It is highly customer sensitive and service sensitive • Every member of the hotel is equally vital and yet detrimental to its success • It is like a game where teamwork is valued and mostly needed • Customer dissatisfaction could be raised from any corner of the hotel • It provides its members rich experiences and opportunities of progress and development • We can upgrade ourselves to any level of the sector • Communication matters so much
  5. Services and Professionalism • All services need to be fulfilled before satisfaction emerge from customers • It is important to work together and bring the best result • If one section fails another can’t exceed
  6. Everyone has equal role! • Nothing is less important in the industry • Everyone is important in the hotel industry • Customer satisfaction begins with service provision
  7. Where “Welcoming” has value! • Where the reception and welcoming counts 200% to the image of the industry • It is the ID of any successful hotel in the world • Needs professionalism and courtesy
  8. Hotel and Its Environment • You can create an environment that people feel PEACE and JOY – through team work and coordination • Everything is important to give people what they desire
  9. Hospitality and Service • Service is about giving people what they desire and more • It creates personal satisfaction and joy • Inspires others to have a better time with themselves
  10. What you offer people should… • Inspire and motivate people • Make them feel at home • Creates joy in others and satisfaction within • It should be offered with best quality and desire to serve
  11. Hospitality is all about service purely given from the heart!
  12. Creating beautiful environment Creating the best environment for others to enjoy life and time makes a hotel employee an engineer of people’s satisfaction and a designer of beauty and serenity!
  13. Creating Serene Environment • It is important to create a serene environment • Inspire others to feel energized and happy • Consider yourself as artists • Valuing each service you provide with pride
  14. A Hotel should be … • A conducive atmosphere for customers • Organized facilitation and service • Easy to stay • Highly approachable staff
  15. Service is all about what we do at a higher level • Providing the best service is the way you see yourself in what you do • Giving people what you give yourself is what makes a job interesting and fascinating • Enjoy serving people
  16. Concentration and Dedication = Art • Hospitality is an industry where you find joy in what you do seeing its effects • Everyone’s contribution is the creator of the total satisfaction
  17. Best organization • Everything well set and organized creates joy and satisfaction • Inspirational service begins with what is provided and organized at a heartfelt level • Giving is all about knowing your potential
  18. Satisfaction and Hospitality • The environment • The atmosphere • The Service • The Quality • The facility • The Communication “Are what makes a hotel a home for guests!”
  19. Be engineers of satisfaction and designers of hospitality
  20. Teamwork and Its Application Continues by Mr. Ermias Tariku