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Task one


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Task one

  1. 1. Personal Study
  2. 2. You are going to choose your own topic The purpose of your Personal Study is to teach you something: to help you develop as an artist and to strengthen your understanding of art-related issues. You will be creating Art work around your chosen topic as well as an essay. The most successful Personal Studies communicate ‘a strong sense of involvement through personal enthusiasm and a commitment to sustain the investigation’. So basically make sure you choose a topic you are interested in.
  3. 3. Remember, we are all getting used to working in very different times, and it is too early for us to tell as teachers and forecast the next few months of working. One thing is for sure, that you need to start thinking about your Year 13 Personal Study now, and this is going to continue when we are back at school in September, and is your major project for the academic year. It is therefore really important that you carefully think about an area of study that is easily accessible, and that you can complete in the local environment, as trips into London and Gallery visits may not be on the agenda for a long time.
  4. 4. • Distorted Portraiture • Daily Routines • Architecture – localised • Food / Modern diet • Natural and organic Forms • Landscape • Isolation • The domestic environment. • Relationships • Inside/Outside • Encounters • Light and shadows • Pattern and texture. • Harmony and discord. • Erosion / Decay • Memorabilia • Litter • Journeys • Time (childhood to adulthood) • Digital era – ‘the social media revolution’ • Windows and views • Feminism • Beauty within • Facades and layers • Old and new • Here and Now • Experiences • The sensory experience • Déjà vu • Fiction or reality • Narrative • Land and Sea • Unpleasant combinations • Abstraction • Colour • Ecosystems • Layering of time • Society today • Fashion • Mechanised Objects • Lockdown and quarantine • Geometric shapes • Musical interpretation
  5. 5. You should already have a Pinterest account. If not make sure you create one this week and begin to follow Beaumont Art Pinterest. Create an album of ideas for your Personal Study. This is going to be extremely useful for helping you with creative ideas and finding original, relevant artists for your chosen topic.
  6. 6. Week Beginning: 18th – 22nd May Launch of Year 13 ‘Personal Study’ (Major Year 13 Coursework Project) • Task 1 Week Beginning: 25th – 29th May - Half term – Completion of Task 1 Week Beginning: 1st – 5th June • Task 2: Artist Study 1 Week Beginning 8th – 12 June • Task 3: Artist Study 2 Week Beginning 15th – 18th June • Task 4: Photographic Shoot Week Beginning 22nd – 25th June No work set here as this is your Internal Exam week for your other subjects. Week Beginning 29th – 3rd July Internal Exam: Drawing Task. (Task 5) This will be marked as your Internal Year 12 Exam, and then will go towards you Year 13 ‘Personal Study’ Week Beginning 6th July – 17th July 6th July: Deadline for internal ART EXAM Further Year 13 work set. Feedback of Year 12 Exam * Year 12 Art Exam Grades will be a combination of the set exam and year 12 project work. *please note tasks from week 1 to 4 are designed to ensure you have researched and prepared for your exam in week 6. All work (including your exam ) will be based on your chosen theme for your personal coursework project.
  7. 7. Your first task is to decide what you want your topic to be. It can be fairly broad to begin with so don’t panic! Tasks… 1. Look on the Student Guide website link below and read ‘Art Project ideas: a guide to subject matter selection’ . Create a brain storm of ideas ideas 2. Create a Pinterest album and pin any pins of subjects matter and media that you may want to consider for your year 13 project. 3. Create a MOODBOARD of IDEAS…This is important as we will often use this to refer back to when discussing Artists with you. We would suggest that you set this up as POWERPOINT slides that can be printed and stuck into your new Year 13 sketchbooks when we return to school. Task One

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